September 13, 2009

Share Your Flair

One of my budding blogging buddies at Much More Than Mommy bestowed this dandy and oh so stylish award on me. In accepting it I am supposed to tell you three things about myself. I am guessing that 1-my readers know just about everything about me 2- they are sick to death of hearing about it. 3- if you aren't check out the Who I Am label on my side bar and you will be soon enough.

In my favorite of passing on award traditions, I am going to tell you that my all time favorite post over at Much More Than Mommy, and the one that brought me to her blog, was this one about trying to get her husband to dress up for a wedding. I have read it several times and laugh just as hard each time, because I have had so many discussions like that with my dear husband. He read it, too. And said, "Oh, I get it now." And he really does make a point to not rip his tie off the second we walk out of church on Sunday morning. Yeah! For me.

Now to tell you three things about myself that I haven't already told you.

1- Dental floss. I floss my teeth religiously. I keep floss in my night table so that at night when I lay in bed reading my Bible, I can floss my teeth. Weird, I know. And does it pay off? No! Every time we go to the dentist, Dr. Omar tells Allen what a great job he does at flossing. He has flossed less than 5 times in his life. Me...I have gotten 3 cavities with each baby. No joke. Three. How frustrating is that? I always ask what I should do different or better and good old Dr. Omar tells me how beautiful my teeth are. Except for all the fillings.

2- However, I do have very straight teeth. When my brother and sister got their braces on the orthodontist said if he pulled four teeth that would make enough room in my mouth and my teeth would straighten out. Sure enough if it didn't work.

Last spring, I took Emma for her consult with our orthodontist. He said how all my kids have the same problem. Mouths that are too small for their teeth. I know this surprises you because with as much noise and talk as we Wachter's produce you would think surely our mouths are plenty big. But no. Each child has also had four teeth pulled to make enough room.

I told Dr. Cina that I know that and it is no surprise to me because that is the same trouble I had and that I too had to have four teeth extracted. He asked to see and I opened wide. Then he went on to tell me what an excellent job my orthodontist did. He was amazed when I told him that my orthodontist did nothing except sending me to the oral surgeon.

3- I have a $9000 tooth. Really. After Emma was born they were filling my three cavities from her pregnancy. I asked could they please use the pretty white filling instead. The dentist happily agreed. It looked beautiful. Guess what? I was allergic to the stuff! They had to remove it. Only, while they were removing it the dentist drilled too deep. I knew I was in trouble when she asked the assistant if she thought the smell was filling or tooth!

So, they filled the tooth again with silver and sent me home. Only the pain was unbearable. A little disconcerting since I had no pain before they started messing around. A trip back to the dentist found that they had drilled so deep for what started as a superficial filling, that the root was now in danger. I ended up needing several root canals to the tune of $3000.

Hours later, I was sick on my stomach and suffering a migraine that lasted days. And that was not the end. The tooth was cracked so now they had to make a crown for it. $3000 more and several trips back and forth to the dentist and I now had a temporary crown. Several weeks later the crown was ready to be put on. More time in the chair. More nausea and another migraine and it was in permanently. That's when they told me that when taking it off the mold they chipped the very bottom near the gum line and in all fairness they would redo it for me.

Needless to say, I didn't. And also, needless to say, as soon our insurance plan changed I changed dentists. (Who I happen to think is not only one of the sweetest people we have the privilege of doing business with but also an excellent dentist. My kids think going there is akin to Christmas Day.)

But that is not even the end of the story. A year or so later, I again started having terrible pain in that tooth. When my new dentist referred me out to a specialist, he discovered that there was infection in the root that developed from it not being prepared properly before the canals were filled. I got to have my crown removed. Yeah, no kidding. Then several more root canals cleaned and sterilized.

Did I forgot to mention that because of suspected Mitral Valve Prolapse I had to take heavy duty antibiotics before and for several days after each visit to the dentist? Oh, and they made me sick on my stomach.

All that fun for another $3000.

And that is how I developed a loathing for going to the dentist and my $9000 tooth. If we put that into perspective I owned many vehicles that we didn't pay that much for. At the time that was more than our annual housing expense. A year or two before that, it was our annual income! But whose counting?

Now could there possibly be anything more you could want to know about my oral history?

With all those stirring things about me, I will now move on to my favorite part of this award business. Passing it on. This beautiful award allows me to pass it on to three blogs.

Lisa at Moore Minutes because she has a great flair for decorating that always brings a smile to my face and gets me thinking about ways I can incorporate her ideas to make my home more of a castle to my family. I particularly like her amazing pink bathroom and her eye for fun vintage finds.

Carol at Joy in the Journey for scrapbook pages with a flair that mine lack.

And no post would be complete without your friendly reminder to click the button below to read all about the country fair coming to Art's Chili Pepper on September 14th.


  1. Holy moly. I thought I had tooth problems. I have had several root canals and 2 crowns. They will send you in debt for sure. Grrr. On the bright side you saved the tooth? That is what my dentist always says. LOL

  2. Kat,

    You and I could literally swap dental stories. Hubby is like Allen. I don't think he would ever have to brush his teeth and the dentist would congratulate him on another great check up.

    Congratulations on another beautiful award and now I know even more about you than I did before. That is always a plus!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Oh wow, that is a crazy tooth story! I am loving those photos of your kids!! Each one is perfect! Good color choices.

    You blessed me so much with the award. It was your words that actually truly blessed me though. I was smiling and my heart was full after reading this. It made my day and I am so happy about it. You are very gifted with writing. I have noticed that before. But thank you for the detail of your words, making me feel so special. I appreciate it very much!