September 1, 2009

Voila! Pool and Patio are Done

This morning I was looking for some old pictures for a post when I came across these pictures of the pool area when we first started work there. Saturday evening after working since June, Allen laid the last brick for the patio and step project that was the final phase of this renovation. I thought it would be fun to show you some before and after shots.

This is a picture of the back of the house where I showed you my garden in this post earlier this summer. It looks nothing like the same place to me.

We started with this black foundation, old heat pump and yes a wood stove.

What do you think of the asphalt?

And the mud hole?

Here you see our pool that a truck delivering firewood ran over. I am not kidding. Emma and KK look sweet in their Easter dresses, though. I took the blue ribbon for Emma's pink dress and Kaitlin took third place.

We started by fencing the area three summers ago. Allen laid the paver steps down the side of the fence. Do you think our squash got a little big???

Do you see the landing at the bottom. To the right of the photo is the gate into the pool area. And I wish I had removed the pool cover before we took these pictures because the blue solar cover is not near as inviting as the shimmering water.

So here is one with the cover off, too.

And you can see the landing on the left here and the step up onto the patio. We added the raise bed to the left along the fence. You might also note the girls painted the back wall this sand color. I was hoping it would add a Mediterranean feel. Even if it didn't it has to be better than the black block wall.

The wall to the right near the house, my sister painted this mural. And I topped the wall with planters this spring. That was one of my husband's genius ideas. I was trying to get a three dimensional feeling with the mural by adding trailing plants to hang down into the mural.

The concrete pad the pool is on sits about 18 inches down from the patio. That was the easiest way to compensate for the slope. Yes, our entire back yard slopes. We joke about how we have spent the last 7 years moving dirt from one place in the yard to another in order to level it out. We can be sure no matter what the project is, it starts with moving dirt.

And this was Sunday dinner pool side. Each summer this is a much loved spot. And now that it is finished, I know that it will be even more so. I look forward to a little dinner party here with friends the first opportunity we get.

I would like to take a quick moment here to say how blessed I am to have a husband who is not only intellectually gifted but who can do just about anything requiring a tool. I feel even more blessed when I think of how every minute of his free time is spent using those talents and gifts to fix up our little home for the comfort and enjoyment of our family.


  1. Wow that is awesome. I know you will have so much fun entertaining and spending time with family out there. Gorgeous.

  2. Wow! That is awesome! You will spend so much time outside enjoying it all! Congrats! :)

  3. It looks amazing! Now if some lazy individual would just get her act together and finish painting your mural ... Don't you just hate when someone moves to Italy and leaves a job half finished?

    In regards to your post about Brianna's birthday ... I sometimes think we enjoy a movie more when we're watching it for someone else. Doesn't make the movie any better, but we see a bit more of it through their eyes. Just a theory ...

    Lots of hugs,

  4. Looks like a little slice of heaven in your back yard.

  5. That looks great! I'd love to see it irl sometime.

  6. That is really nice. What a pretty job! The table looks soooo inviting.... can I come for dinner? ;-)

  7. When I look at these old pictures it's like YUCK! We used to think THAT looked GOOD!!!!
    Love Ya!

  8. Kat,

    Love how well thought out your backyard plans were! I love all the brick work that I am sure, was back breaking for your hubby!

    I love that you added a pool and I am sure it was put to a lot of use this summer. Do you take it down for the fall?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. WOW...hard work and a little patience really pays off doesn't it? It looks beautiful and I can picture your family enjoying it often.

  10. It looks fabulous, I could sit out there with my tea and a good book, even if it were a bit chilly. Our garden is still a work in progress...

  11. I know that was a lot of work but you will enjoy it for years to come!

  12. I love what you did and the sand color paint does look better than the black. Your sis did a great job with the mural too! Love the whole patio too, awesome!

  13. Wow it looks Great! It is amazing when you put a little hard work into it and what it turns out to look like in the end. My wife and I remodeled our backyard as well, every painstaking piece of paver and brick. It turned out much better than we had expected.

    Take Care,


  14. Wow, that is nice. I'm glad your family has such a nice area to entertain and have fun.

    Happy fall,