September 14, 2009

Welcome to the Country Fair

I have seen so much creativity in blog world! Photography, knitting, crafting, sewing, canning, drawing, painting, poetry, carpentry, decorating, furniture refinishing, cross stitching, building, table setting, flower arranging, gardening, embroidery, pickling, baking and the list goes on and on. Now is your chance to showcase your talents!

To read more about how the idea was born click this button.

To join the fun, grab that camera and take some pictures of your wonders and the kids', and the hubby and put up your post. Follow the instructions below to join the blog hop and get a chance to win some fun prizes.

I was over at A Maryland Girl catching up with my real life friend, when I had to laugh, as she remembered something I had long since forgotten. If you would like to know how serious we take the fair around here, you will have to pop over there for a quick read.

Thanks to all those great bloggers out there who helped spread the word by putting the button on their sidebar or writing a special post to promote it. If you have a minute to spare you might want to pop over to Life in the Car Pool Lane and read her advertisement. She included some clips from the LA county fair ads and they are some funny stuff!

And without further ado. I now present the Wachter family entries.

Samuel's boat made from scraps

And his candle boat made from Allen's scrap lumber

And his tugboat built from a kit and painted to look like Scuffy.

Aedan's candle boat made from Allen's scrap lumber named "The Nine of Us"

He got the idea from Carolyn Haywood's book "Penny Goes to Camp"

Nathaniel's model train display. Do you see that we like vehicles a bit?

Emma's first ever quilt

And here you can see the quilting detail.

My vintage style dress. Made from a 1950's pattern.

Here you can see the detailing on the on the fabric.

To get in on the fun. Here's what you do.

  1. Photograph your goods.
  2. Post about it between now and October 7th.
  3. You can copy the fair banner and upload to your post if you would like.
  4. Look below for the arrow in the blue circle. Click to enter your link.
  5. when you get the option, click the button to return to my blog and see your entry.
  6. Below the blue circle with the arrow click on "Click here for instructions and get the code."
  7. Scroll down to the yellow box with the code in it. Copy and paste the code on the edit Html page on your post.
  8. Publish your post and you should see the Mcklinky blog hop on your post.
No country fair would be complete without candy apples and prizes. Everyone who enters will be entered into a drawing for one of these great prizes.

  • Caramel apple kit
  • Candy apple kit
  • A jar of my prize winning jam
  • A jar of home made apple butter
If you put the fair button on your side bar or wrote a post announcing the fair your name gets entered again. Be sure to leave a comment on this post or on the announcement post to let me know. I don't want to leave anyone out! When we return from our trip on October 7th, Samuel will draw the winners from my special chili pepper bowl. Look for the post announcing winners on October 7th.

I can not wait to see what everyone has come up with when I return from vacation!

Chili Pepper

MckLinky Blog Hop

Merry Go Round Music: (Listen To The Mockingbird/ Darling Nellie Gray/ Turkey In The Straw) - Marvin Hamlisch


  1. Sounds like so much fun...too bad I am not at all creative like that although I do wish I could sew! My mom can and she tried to teach me but I just didn't have the patience! Love your dress!!

  2. What fun. I can't wait to see eveyone's goods!

  3. Kat,

    I can't believe it took me this long to read about the fair and understand what was happening. I kept putting it off saying to myself "I'll read that another time". I knew I would, so here I am.

    Guess what?! I'm definitely entering in this fun event and look forward to taking pictures and posting them on my blog.

    You and your family are extremely creative and talented. I love all of the things that you made. I stopped by Nana's blog and am highly impressed with what she made. If you don't mind, I would love to be invited to your girls' blogs to be an encouragement to them.

    Enjoy your vacation, Kat. I'll be posting soon. Oh, and thank you for the blog award. I appreciate you thinking of me. I hope to post it on my blog and write about it soon.

    Love and Hugs,

  4. Kat,

    What a fun idea you have. Loved the pictures you shared with us, and WOW what a great dress you made...beautiful. I will have to see if I can figure something out or not to share in the fair. ;o)

  5. Great prizes. I would love to get some of your homemade award winning jam or apple butter. YUMMY!!!! Love all of your entries too. So creative and gives me a couple of ideas too. :)

  6. Your dress is beautiful! And your kids, wow! They did an awesome job.

    You all are talented. It looks like y'all have alot of fun in your house!


  7. Kat,

    I will have to take some pictures of the quilts we have been working on and I am hoping to get my fall placements complete before the deadline. What happened to the craft the girls were working on?

    I love all the cute stuff you and the boys have listed so far. You are one talented family.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. I love that you made a dress from an old pattern. That is so cool! That would never have occured to me but they had such cool clothes back them for women (I'm just remembering some of the old shows).

    I used to watch The Donna Reed show (on NIK) and loved how she dressed and the lifestyle they lived (a milkman bringing milk into your kitchen, etc).

    Sometimes I think I live in the wrong decade, lol!

    Loved all the crafts everybody did!

  9. I'm gonna do my best to get in on this fun. It just might involve my sister - but no promises just yet!

  10. Here is a link to my creative side:

    I decided to paint my own artwork for my bathroom. I really like how it turned out!!

  11. This is such a fun idea! :) Your dress is lovely. You have a talented family too!

    I added the fair blog button to my sidebar for an extra entry for the goodies (drawing)! However, I know you're not here to answer but I wanted to put more than 1 link up during the course of the fair. I was going to do a few during the next few days. I wanted to let you know. I hope that is ok?
    Thanks and I am so looking forward to this!

  12. First entry is up and running. Be back soon!

  13. Well I did it, I started a blog JUST to enter the country fair! See what you're doing to me???

  14. Beautiful dress and I love your boys' boats. Your family is so creative, thanks for sharing and also for organizing the Fair. My best to you all!