September 13, 2009

Where We Aren't Today

Our family is not at camp today. Instead, we are all gathered around with kleenex and sudaphed. Yes, we have a cold. Do you suppose we can catch it through the internet? Last week Hope's family was sick. And the week before Erica's family. Gee, thanks Ladies. What did I do to you???

Just kidding. But, you might want to be careful because there is no telling who might catch it next.

Do you want to know what else we are doing? We are mourning. Again. Just a few weeks ago I was sharing with you how our family is in a time of loss. Last night when we returned from camp. We received a message from our dear friends that the long time suffering of my girlfriend's mother had at last come to an end.

We have known it was coming for days, weeks, months and even years. She contracted hepatitis. Many years ago the doctors said she had a short time to live. The milestone came and went several years ago and she still hung on.

In June, our friends had a trip to Paris scheduled. It looked like she would not make it until they returned. When they got to South Carolina to see her, she was better than she had been in a long time. They had a delightful visit with her. She was alert and able to talk with them during most of their stay.

Karen's first great grandchild was born a few weeks ago. A milestone she thought she would never see. God was merciful and let her meet that little blessing.

And yet, her death is a particularly hard one to accept. Not because of an uncertain eternity. No. Karen gave her heart to the Lord and trusted Him for her salvation. Her physical death tells me that she is with Him today.

She was in great pain for more than fifteen years of her life here on earth. I know today she, at last, has the relief that she hoped to get for so long. Even though, she had so many extra years, most of them were spent confined to bed and unable to communicate for the haze of medication and the exhaustion brought on by her illness. She could not eat for quite some time. She was unable to care for her families or her own needs. She was too weak to walk and thus confined to a wheel chair and scooter on the rare occasions she was able to get up from her hospital bed. It was not quality time. Yes, for her release from pain and suffering, I am grateful.

Charles, her devoted husband, lost his job nearly a year ago. In a town that rates one of the highest unemployment rates in the country this good provider has been unable to find work. He has used his entire, inadequate, unemployment to pay for cobra to continue her medical care. Leaving the family in great financial worry as to how to provide the money for hospice care in these last months. For the relief to her loved ones, I am praising God today.

Karen, spent most of her life with a man who deeply loved and adored her. In these last years he gave his life to caring for her. I thank the Lord that she had a gift on earth that many will never know.

But, she was so young. And her suffering was so great. For but one brief lapse of good judgment, her life was changed forever. Indeed, that is it. The thing that is hard to for me to grasp. The choices she made that cost her, and her family whom she loved so much, a life of pain, suffering, heartache and eventual premature death.

The death that will keep her from seeing her grand children graduate. From seeing her great grandchildren grow up. From growing old with the man she has loved since she was 14 years old.

The split second choices that deprived others the joy of knowing this feisty woman who loved with her might and lived life with a fire that all should know if only for a brief time. Her passion and sense of humor that defined who she was.

It is those losses that grip my heart today.

All because of poor decisions. Even as I write these words, the Lord has turned my mind to Eve and the poor decision she made, that changed her life forever. Choices that impacted all the future generations and all the world for eternity.

I think of Rebekah's decision that divided her family and changed their course forever.

And Sarah's careless choice in giving Hagaar to Abraham and the resulting son. It changed nations, even the world, forever. Choices that are impacting our world so evidently in this very age.

Ladies, today I ask myself, and you also, what choices are you making on a daily basis? Are we seeking God's will before we make them? Do we consider how are they going to impact your today, tomorrow and forever? How will they impact your children, your children's children and all the generations to come?

Are we letting careless lapse in judgment, no matter how small, interfere with God's best for our lives?



  1. Kat,

    What a deep post! I am truly sorry for the loss of Karen and the family she has left behind. They do have the hope that they will all be reunited some day and then there will be no tears, or sorrow or even the sting of death. Here we will live forever remembering nothing of this life we live now.

    Sometimes I lift up in day in prayer before starting out and I can only hope that every decision I make that day brings glory to God and that He will be guiding the many days ahead.

    For now, my path is just to get through the day, not worrying about tomorrow or the days that lie ahead of me, for only God knows which paths will be presented before me, and which ones I will chose. I only hope I chose wisely.

    I hope you and your family are feeling better soon! I don't like it when people are sick, it just makes things more difficult.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. It is hard to read the story of your friend's life and death. It is good to know she knew the Lord. I feel bad for her husband. He sounds like a fine man.

    This is a thought provoking piece. Well written, Kat.

    Love the pictures of your kids. Did you sew the outfits?

  3. What a thought provoking post! It is so very important that we take our decisions to the Lord and follow His direction for our lives. One wrong choice can impact our lives forever, exactly like you shared with Karen's life on this post today. We never know who we will affect or how if our choices are not chosen properly. I have spoken this very lesson to my children many times over. I am so sorry for the loss of this woman and the effects it has on her family and friends. Thanks for sharing your heart here today,

  4. What a great post.
    So sorry to hear about your dear friend. Praying that you find comfort in the arms of our Loving Father..
    and that you feel better soon too :-)