October 20, 2009

The ABC's of Me

Brianna and Manuela have tagged me in the ABC's of Me. I have been very slow at passing awards on and posting tags... but that doesn't mean I don't love you! Most of the questions were the same but some varied. I've included answers to both where they differed.

Here it goes.

Age: 37, at least that is what Allen keeps telling me.

Bed size: queen

Chore you hate: shopping, especially if it involves Walmart.

Dogs or Cats: Why aren't birds in the list? Cats over dogs any day. We have a super sweet cat but she has to live outdoors because of asthma. She adopted us 7 years ago. But that is a story in itself.

Dog's name: I am allergic. No dog here.

Essential start you day item: Toothbrush, makeup, coffee.

Favorite color: Pink/brown, Mama's mustang blue

Gold or silver: Does it matter? Bling is bling. It depends what I am wearing. Usually, I have some of both on.

Height: short 5' 2”

Instruments you've played: I can dabble in the piano and played the recorder in grade school. I am not particularly skilled at any instrument.

I am: A daughter of the KING!

Job Title: Domestic Engineer, Goddess Supreme

Kid: Oh, come on. You know the answer to this. I have plenty! Kaitlin-17, Brianna-14, Emma Rose-10, Nathaniel-7, Aedan-6, Samuel-4, Elisabeth-22 months.

Loud or Quiet: I prefer quiet for sure. I can tolerate orderly loud. If you have been around us, you know what I mean. If you haven't and you want to know, come for a visit. Otherwise, you are on your own.

Living arrangements: single family rancher in the country

Married? See K and tell me what do you think?

Mom's name: Kathleen

Nicknames: Kathy, Kat, Chili Pepper, C.P., Chili, Mom, Mama, SHCP, Babe, Dear, Darling, Honey,

Overnight hospital stay: Hate them. My first was when I was born in 1972.

Then when I was six I developed an unexplained fever and was admitted to the hospital for a week in a cooling tent. Weird deal.

At 16 I spent a week in the hospital for polynephritis that resulted in an unnecessary appendectomy.

I had two hospital visits for surgery to remove stage 4 lesions from endometriosis.

And of course 7 visits to the hospital to have my babies.

Pet peeve: Whining. People who figuratively or literally stand around with their hands in their pockets. Sloppiness.

Quote from a movie: "This is what I'm saying."

Right or Left handed: Right handed.

Siblings: Brother Frank 39, Sister Diann 36, Daniel 30

Time you wake up: Early. I prefer to be up by six at the latest. Although, my dear husband prefers to stay up late at night, so one or two mornings I usually end up sleeping in later.

Underwear: I love the stuff. Been wearing it my whole life. (Ok. That was Brianna's answer but gee isn't it a hoot?) I splurge on Victoria's Secret unmentionables. After all aren't I worth it?

Vegetable you don't like: Are you kidding? I LOVE vegetables. Home grown best of all. I will take what I can get, though. I can make an entire meal of carrot sticks.

Ways you run late: I plan and organize so as to never be late. And then one of the kids will need something or require a little special attention and I blow the whole schedule. Also, my husband makes me late. We as individual are always punctual but somehow when we put our heads together we get too caught up in being together and everything else goes by the way side. Or my sister calls and we chat for an hour.

X- rays you've had: I don't think I have had way too many. I had some on my lungs when I had tuberculosis.

Yummy food you make: I think my brownies are about the best around. Cavatille, red sauce, bread, seafood. I think I am a relatively good cook.

Zoo favorite: Flamingos.

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  1. Ciao Kat! Thanks for playing!

  2. I enjoyed your ABC's, and since I'm bad at tags and awards I can't blame you for not tagging me. LOL

    How are you, Kat? We went away over the weekend and I am now enjoying catching up a bit.

  3. What a fun list!! I have seen this tag before, but never with these letter options! Funny answers...thanks for letting me get to know you a little bit better!

  4. Loved reading your list...I get a kick out of these things, and enjoyed reading yours! Funny..I have to ask my husband all the time how old I am...he just better not forgot, or we are in trouble.

  5. Great answers, but you know my dogs are special...you know you would love them. They are therapy dogs that go into the hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

    LOVE YA, andrea

  6. Wow, you are shorter than i thought. I splurge on VS undergarments too. They are the best. Fun answers.

  7. So nice to get to know you a bit better. Fun learning new things about long distance friends! You're only 5'2"? I always thought you were a TALL gal?! Wow!

    Everyone assumes I'm shorter than I am in pictures. I'm almost 5'9"

  8. Fun!! I pictured you being taller too! We match in that department!

  9. Kat,

    I love learning the ABC's of you! I would have never guessed flamingos for a zoo favorite. I will post this week! How fun it will be!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. I have learned a few new things about you today!

  11. I love these tags and it's nice to learn some more about you too!
    (flamingos are my zoo favorites too:) )