October 8, 2009

And the Winners are...

I feel sheepish. Not really. But I am going to do what I bid you all not to do and apologize for my failure to post the winners in the Country Fair drawing yesterday as promised. No kidding. I can not believe how crazy it has been here since we walked through the door. I knew it would be but this is more than even I can comprehend right now.

I sat down to do the post as soon as I got the baby in bed on Tuesday night when we got home. But the Internet was down. Actually, turns out it was just that the router was down. So nothing happened that night. I was up before the sun Wednesday morning and itching to get it done and answer email. But Allen was still sleeping and I figured it was his last show before he had to jump back in the rat race. I didn't have the heart to ask him to fix it.

By the time he was up and moving and went to log on to start work, thereby noticing it was down and having to go fix the issue, the kids were up and my day was in full swing. Which did not stop swinging until sometime around midnight last night.

As I was heading out the door to my appointments, Allen said to log in and download my email so I could reply while I was sitting in waiting rooms. It took fifteen minutes for my computer to get on the network and download several hundred emails. At which time I ended up being late... fortunately allergy shot appointments are extremely flexible.

By the time, I knew that there was no way the post was going up before the kids went to bed. Meaning way late. So instead of answering email I started a post to explain why I wouldn't be posting. I knew if I got it written Brianna or Kaitlin would put it up for me when I got home while I baked Emma's birthday cake, wrapped gifts, unpacked etc...

I never finished the post. It seems I have a lot to say after not blogging for almost a month! Hmmm, can you imagine that?

But we did do the drawing. Here is how we did it. First we got the official Chili Pepper bowl.

I went to the original post announcing the fair and looked to see who put the button on their side bar and who did a post about the fair. Your name went in once for the button and once for a post. I just have to say a great big thank you to you all who passed the word along and made the first ever, and probably now annual if I am blogging next fall, Bloggers Country Fair a great success.

I was impressed with some of the posts you all did. Martha at A Sense of Humor is Essential is even offering a giveaway for those attending the fair. You visit her blog to enter up until October 12th.

Your entries were all amazing. Of course, I knew they would be! I think I stopped by everyone's fair entries, but if I have not been to your booth yet, I will be there shortly.

I need to make special mention of my real life friend Heidi from New Brunswick Canada. My dear friend came to blogger to read my blog. Which she does every day. (That right there ought to be worthy of a prize). When I made the announcement post about the fair she left a comment to the extent that she might need to start a blog just so she could enter.

Now my little canuck friend is quite a comedian. She has literally made me laugh until my sides hurt. I thought she was kidding. Wow! Did she surprise me when I was looking at entries yesterday and saw a blog I didn't recognize. When I clicked on the link, where should I end up by on my friend's blog page. Started just for me so that she could enter the fair. (It happens to be a beautiful page, too, so check it out sometime.) I thought that was deserving of an extra entry so I took the liberty of tossing her name in again.

Everyone else who entered, of course, got their name in the bowl (a second or third time if you'd also put up a post or the button.) Brianna had them folded in half in the picture above. I dumped them all out and folded them in fourths because they were sticking inside of each other.

Here is a collection of the prizes.

I was at a Walmart in Georgia, waiting in line when above the cigarette counter something caught my eye. I was so excited, I left my husband at the register and took off running to grab it. The sales clerk stopped me and said, "I will get that for you." It seems not everyone is allowed at the cigarette counter. Some federal law or something.

She reached up way high and handed me a tub of cotton candy. How great is that? Cotton Candy in a tub! Who knew? One must wonder what they put in the stuff that it would be kept in a federally regulated spot. Which makes me feel less of an ogre for only allowing my kids to eat the stuff once a year. Thus the winner of this super special cotton candy that has traveled all the way from Georgia with me should be grateful that you always have to wait in line at Walmart. (My apologies to Heather Kay).

In the past, Samuel has been the official name drawer for Art's Chili Pepper. But he was outside helping his Pa fix the weed eater (which I understand ended up in the trash... along with the older weed eater, too) and Elisabeth was right there. So she stepped in.

I was uncertain how to determine who got what. So we had the boys who were excitedly standing by (you would think they were going to win something they were so worked up) take turns choosing an item. Then Elisabeth drew a name

and handed it to me.

You will see below that Nathaniel chose the cotton candy for the first name.

I taped the names to each item to prevent any confusion about who won what. We moved on to the caramel apple kit.

Before I announce the winners, I would like to take the time to explain how I chose the prizes. There were three categories.

Items you would find at a country fair: Cotton candy, caramel apple, candy apple

Items you would enter in the Country fair: my home made canned goods

Local items: This would include a jar of locally made and bottled BBQ sauce. That may sound kind of odd but.... one of the traditions of the Great Frederick Fair is the booth set up by a local butcher, Hemps. They make BBQ sandwiches (which I personally think are revolting-because I don't eat any meat that looks like dog food...but the hand cut fries to win my vote). Everyone, and I mean everyone, but me, eats at least one during fair week. They are such an icon at the fair that Hemp's actually closes their shop for business during fair week so that all their efforts can be devoted to fixing and serving BBQ. Thus the sauce. It is one they sell. I am told it is actually great for dipping chips, too!

To the winner of the pepper jelly I would like to tell you how we eat it. We spread hot biscuits with cream cheese and then pile the jelly on top. It is yum. That is the only word I can come up with to describe it. But it is a dreamy, far- off- look- in- my- eye, "Yum."

So without further ado the winners are...

Cotton candy- Hope
Candy apple kit- Jen
Caramel apple kit- Lizzie
Pepper jelly- D.T.
BBQ Sauce- Christina

I decided to add a jar of apple butter, too. Apple butter just shouts fall to me. It is so popular locally that you see it on every buffet and will be served a dish without question at many of the mom and pop establishments. We have a local family that owns a bed and breakfast in the mountains of West Virginia. Capon Springs is known for their great home made food they serve at each sitting. My little guys will eat any vegetable if I put "Capon Spring's dressing on it." So I threw in a jar of their apple butter.

The winner of the Capon Springs apple butter is Screaming Mimi.

Why does Elisabeth look so worried?

Here is the thing. When I was finished I couldn't help but notice that two prizes went to two bloggers and two went to the children of those bloggers. I immediately thought that someone may have hurt feelings or think it was "fixed".

I asked the girls. Brianna said draw someone else's name. But drawing someone else's name didn't seem fair because they took the time to enter so they should have an equal shot at winning. Why is it not right that they are related? I couldn't come up with a good reason.

So, I went to my wise husband. Who said, "Do you have more prizes?" So, I sent to the girls to the pantry for some extra special things. They brought back some of my homemade ketchup and apple butter from the Fawley Fall Fest.

In order to appreciate the specialness of that I must offer an explanation.

My dear husband met a gentleman when he was a young teenager. David Fawley became his mentor and a very special friend. He is the one responsible for Allen's amazing carpentry talents. Ten years ago, Allen had the honor of helping David in the building of his own home in the breathtaking Catoctin Mountains. The view is unmatched. But that is another story. To celebrate his home stead and the laying of the foundation that fall, David invited all his friends and family to celebrate with a bbq the first Saturday in October. A big kettle cooked all day with everyone taking turns stirring the apples. Late in the afternoon the gang bottled the apple butter and each family took one jar home. The day ended with a bon fire.

He has continued this tradition each year on the first Saturday in October. Last year, I was honored with two jars. I tucked them in the top of my pantry way in the back to save for a special occasion. Today they will go to two lucky winners. Did I mention that here the proper way to eat apple butter is to spoon in on top of cottage cheese? I swear it is good.

And It just so happened that we had a jar of that great salad dressing from Capon Springs. Which by the way is not healthy at all...sugar, oil... all the stuff that kids love...

So the additional winners are...

Fawley Fall Fest Apple Butter-Jonathan
Pearls Piquant Dressing - M.T.
Ketchup- Diann
Capon Springs Apple Butter- Heidi

And last but not least. I wanted to do something special for the blogger who inspired it all. After reading my post about canning peaches, Kat at heart2heart left me a comment that started the wheels turning. So to sweet Kat goes a jar of those very peaches. If you didn't read the post then you should pop over there to know that I do not part with these jars easily

Email your addresses to me and I will get your prizes in the mail next week when I return from Ohio. Thanks for making the fair a rip roaring success!

So dear friends. Here we are. At the end of the fair. The tents are down. The prizes are distributed and we can all start looking forward to our entries for next year.



  1. Kat,

    Oh how I will treasure those very special and honored jar of peaches! YUM just doesn't quite do it justice. I think I shall take a picture and send it to you! Congratulations to all the wonderful and lucky winners! WOO HOO!

    I am off to email you my address! Here is hoping that you are feeling much better!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Congrats to all the winners. It was fun seeing all of the entries. This was a super great idea Kat. I hope your family all had fun putting ideas into this blogging country fair. :)
    Hope your day is going better today and your trip is a safe and enjoyable one.

  3. Wow, I'm honoured (yes, that's the Canuck version of honored!) to receive a special mention in your blog! This virtual country fair has been a blast!

  4. Congratulations to the Winners! Thank you also for the Shout Out about my giveaway! I appreciate it and You! My best to your beautiful family.

  5. You continually amaze me ... I'm still hoping to get my paintings posted even though I missed the county fair deadline. You, somehow, have managed to get three posts up between getting home from vacation and taking off again. Wow.

    We'll be looking forward to our ketchup here at the Rickert household. And I'm going to pry this extra special bottle out of Ben's hands. I think the fair was a great success! Congratulations to everyone and what fun seeing all the entries.

  6. Oh bummer! I had your button on my sidebar the entire time but took it off after the carnival was over...looks like I should have left it on there one more day!

    Congrats to the winner and I enjoyed the fair.

  7. Well, thank you, thank you, thank you. That's from me and my two daughters. We're so excited to win! (And thanks for just putting their initials). I'll email you.

  8. YAY!!! I'm SO happy that I won something!!! ^-^
    It's so WONDERFUL!!! Thanks Miss. Kat!!! =D

  9. Dear Miss Kat,

    It was fun joining your fair. We liked the good salt water taffy!

    Thank you!