October 17, 2009

Blue Fingernails...

...and other things we do for our children.

Yes, those are my blue fingernails. And if you looked right now you would see my toenails are that same glittery shade. Which I have always thought was tacky. So much so, that I have never allowed my daughters to wear green, blue or orange nail polish.

“So, why the lapse in judgment?” You might ask.

I did it for Aedan.

On the little Island where we spend our vacations, St. Michael’s Catholic Church has a thrift store. It is open 10-12 on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. My children delight in walking there everyday that the volunteers open the doors. They save their nickels and dimes throughout the year to shop for treasures. And then they use that money to buy gifts for each other, and their dear mama. To limit the amount of items returning home with us, I put a limit of one purchase per day per person.

Aedan was about to burst the day he came to present me with a little bottle of blue nail polish. I hugged him and kissed him and told him how touched I was that he thought of me and spent his money for me. And that sweet little face spun his head around to look at his sister and said, “See, KK. I told you mama would like it!”

It seems the dear girl tried hard to steer him away from it. But here is the thing. I am just crazy for mustangs. The car, not the horse. And there is one around town in a certain shade of blue that tops my favorite of all mustangs. This shade of blue has come to be called, “Mama’s mustang blue.”

No, I am not kidding. They have a limited edition crayon that was in a crayola box a while ago. There is only one in our house, despite the thousands of crayons. And it is guarded carefully by Nathaniel. And to use it one must sweetly ask permission to use his, “Mama’s mustang blue crayon.” And you will certainly hear this reply, “Yes, but please be sure to bring it right back to me.”

So, when Aedan saw a nail polish in this exact shade he argued steadfastly for it and didn’t hesitate a moment to flip his quarter on to the counter to get it for me.

What is a mama to do? Paint her nails of course. Wouldn’t you know, though. It was all dry and clumped up. My nails looked hideous! And I wore them like that for a day or so.

Until we could make our way to the next island where they have a Walmart. I felt like a criminal as I tried to match the exact shade of blue without Aedan noticing what I was doing. I carefully buried the bottle under some other items in the buggy. Before checking out, I sent the kids to the car so no one would see what I had. When we got home we put the youngers to bed and I locked myself in the bathroom to redo my nails. I then carefully hid the bottle in my makeup bag.

It is quite shocking to wake up to blue finger nails. Well, maybe not for you. But for me… it was a shock. But how I was rewarded over and over! I lost count of how many times Aedan proudly grabbed my hands and looked at my nails and with a beautiful shining smile commented on how beautiful it looked.

What have you done for the simple joy of bringing happiness to your children? Share your story with me.



  1. That is the sweetest story. Aedan is a precious thoughtful little guy. He is going to make his wife feel very special someday. So cute.

  2. How beautiful! What a treasures. It seems you and I have a little something in common. I love the old blue mustang...like Mary Tyler Moore drove in her TV show. I also loved Mary Tlyer Moore...and my kids know...that is my favorite color blue as well as my favorite mustang. There is an old one for sale near our home (we saw it last week) and although we can't afford to purchase it...my hubby and I chuckled when we drove by.
    Blessings, andrea

  3. Oooops...forgot to say:

    THANK YOU for your prayers and support. Our family deeply appreciates them.

  4. Kat,

    Such is the heart of a child who remembers and shows you that love and rememberance in a specially chosen gift. I love it and that you are wearing it as well. Not only does it remind you of Aedans' love but also the blue Mustang you love so much.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. That's such a special story. Your son sounds an amazing little boy, so loving and caring.
    I remember years ago when my daughter was about 4 or 5 she loved the Little Mermaid story. She had a mermaid doll but desperately wanted a Ursula The Sea Witch doll which they hadn't started making back then. I remember making her one myself. I made it from a black drinks bottle and taped on 8 legs made from strips of plastic bag. It really looked quite scary and she was able to play with both 'dolls' in the bath. I never thought an empty bottle could bring such joy to us both!

  6. A precious story! And your fingernails are so pretty!

    Thank you for your comments of kindness.

    Many blessings,


  7. I just adored this story!! It made my heart smile the whole way through. :) There are no greater joys in life than our kids! Way to go Mom...the blue nails look super pretty!!

    A few extra things...
    -loving your new header and fall background!!
    -I received such loving notes from your daughter. They are beautiful inside and out, I can see that. <3
    - I can't remember if I already told you BUT thank you so much for commenting on the dolce vita post. Your warm words meant a lot to me.

  8. Love the nails! I actually would wear it because I wanted to. I had teal toenails all summer. :) I like odd colors like that.

    I can't remember right off-hand anything I've done just because one of my children wanted me to. I'm sure I've done something, but just can't think right now. Could have something to do with Mason and I staying up until after 2 a.m. just talking. That was nice. :)

  9. What a sweet story of how much he loves you. And you love him!
    I actually think that your nails look great. It is a pretty blue color.

  10. Way to go Mom! That's so sweet.
    I'm sure there have been 'one or two' concessions made for our girls - but they don't come to mind at the moment :) Do you vacation on Tybee Island? We love it there - we'll be visiting Savannah in November and I can't wait. (my mom was born there and that's our 2nd daughter's name :) )

  11. So cute! I have blue toes right now, but mine are for school spirit! I like your story better!