October 17, 2009

It's NOT a Knitting Needle...

...But you are right. It looks both like a knitting needle and something the midwife might use to break your water.

Heidi hit it dead on. This is one of those free gadgets that Tupperware ladies put in your order. My mother had this citrus peeler when I was growing up and it was the only way to eat an orange. I looked in vain for a substitute for many years after setting up my own house keeping but couldn't find one like it anywhere. Several years ago, I made friends with a Tupperware lady who graciously gave me one. I guarded it very carefully until one day it disappeared. We are pretty certain it got tossed in the trash with the peels. Either that or my brother who coveted it greatly made off with it when he moved out. (Just kidding.)

ALthough I love to eat them, I hate peeling oranges. The pith under my fingernails is so irritating and seems to stay there for days. Fixing me an orange is a true sign of love around our house. When they are in season, we eat about 50 oranges a week. That is a lot of peeling. I was very excited when I was on eBay placing an order for those great cups I told you about and I found these little nifty gems. They came in bundles of 10 or 100 and I seriously thought about getting the 100 so I could give one to everyone I meet. I chose the purple in hopes that it would stick out in the compost next time.

Just for the record, the Pampered Chef version does not work as well.

Nathaniel begged to have a turn doing the drawing. I didn't think you would mind if I let him stick his hand in the chili pepper bowl instead of Samuel.

So the winners are...

Jules at Rodman's Road to Life and

Erica at Scottsville

Get me your addresses ladies and I will get your handy dandy Tupperware orange peeler in the mail to you.

Read this excerpt from Heidi's email to me.

"It's a citrus peeler and I have been looking all over for one!!!!! my boys love oranges and I am the worst orange peeler in the world. I usually use a spoon, and wind up making such a mess that they won't even eat the orange by the time I'm done "peeling" it. That is the one from Tupperware, not Pampered chef... I have no idea how much it costs. "

And this one...

"My mom had one too, and it was the best little tool ever. I've been looking all over for one for several years now. I hate peeling oranges!"

Because she knew what it was, and where it came from and because she has been hunting for one for so long and made such a good appeal I will be sending one off to Canada as well.

If you are now just dying to have one of your own you can get one here.

Congratulations ladies!



  1. Kat,

    Congratulations to all the wonderful people who won your delight orange peeler. See older items work better than those new fangled ones any day!

    Guess it's time to go garage saling today!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. First of all, I like your background. Very Fall-ish.

    Second, I've never tried this kind, but I do have the Pampered Chef one. We love it! And I, too, hate to peel oranges with my fingernails. Maybe I can try a Tupperware peeler sometime and compare. :)

  3. congrats to the winners. I knew it was an orange peeler.

  4. Oh wow! How cool that I get one! Thanks so much Kat!!!

    You know, I could make this a stocking stuff for Mathew. HE's my CHEF!!!! =0)

    I'll get my address to ya now!


  5. Great contest (even though I missed it!) I 'temporarily misplaced' my orange peeler - and in the interim we switched to clementines just because I couldn't stand peeling the oranges also!

  6. Who would have thought my inability to peel an orange would win me a citrus peeler! ;)

  7. I would say a crochet hook before a knitting needle, but that's just me. Funny thing is, I have a couple of them floating around the house and I use them so rarely that I couldn't tell you where they are. Not because we don't eat oranges, I just can't be bothered digging them out when I need to peel one.

    Fun giveaway. I should try one. Maybe a free bag of diapers for whomever guesses the baby's due date? Hahahaha. Okay, so maybe not the diapers, but that's not a bad idea ...