October 9, 2009



Two hours before the sun started to rise, I had to get out of bed to share with you the glorious praise of God's answered prayers.

After writing my post yesterday about some of what has been going on here, I returned to digging through boxes of winter clothes to pack for our trip this morning. Within the hour, sixty minutes, I received almost ten emails reporting news of prayer on my behalf. As I read them, Brianna looked at me and asked, "Mama, are you going to cry?" I said, "Only happy tears."

I told her to look and after working her way through my in box she said, "I see why."

And that is when everything started to change. The storm lifted and the "calm chaos" (if you've been here you know what I mean by that) returned to my home.

And then, Allen walked in the door hours before I expected him. The regional sales manager said he would cover so Allen could come home to be with Emma.

The last thing he had said to me before leaving yesterday morning was to get my prize post finished, if I had the time. (We can talk about how much his blessing on my blogging warms my heart another time.) So the first thing he asked me was if I had gotten it up. I explained that no I hadn't and vented for several minutes. He offered up several trouble shooting ideas for me to try later.

Now, he had left at 6:15 so we hadn't done our Bible study together that we do in the morning. He asked me to join him on the deck with the book of Numbers and a cup of coffee. Who can turn down an offer like that on a beautiful autumn afternoon?

Brianna was still sitting at the table in front of my computer as I headed down the hall. (The deck is at the opposite end of the house off of the master bedroom.) I did not even get to my bedroom door before Brianna called, "Mama, your post is up."

I was shocked that she had employed Allen's idea so quickly and ran back down the hall. I asked her what she did and she said, "Nothing. The same thing we did over and over this morning."

My RLF and my DBF, thank you for reaching out to the Lord on my behalf. The power of prayer is an amazing blessing. It is no wonder Satan works so hard to hinder the prayer lives of the beloved!

I am off to the far reaches of Ohio for what I understand to be some cold and rainy weather. Do not worry, we have packed lots of sweaters. I wrote several posts before we left on vacation in preparation for this weekend. So if you get bored, ha ha, stop by for a visit. And for everyone who is asking and all those who are waiting, vacation photos, stories and a movie are on the way. As soon as time permits.

Hugs in His name,


  1. It's a pleasure to pray for our friends. So glad that things turned around. Have a great trip!


  2. Kat,

    God is faithful to His people and I am sure it was all He was waiting for before He answered them willingly. Prayers go with you sweet friend as you and your wonderful family head off to Ohio for safe travels and a peaceful journey!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. So thankful..for the calm. Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. I am honored and privileged to pray for you. I was a bit cranky yesterday, too. GOD is always faithful to give us exactly what we need. I look forward to hearing about your journey. I praise GOD with you for a wonderful husband and kids.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea