October 22, 2009

Week 27 of 52

Forever In Blue Jeans

I've accepted Carin's challenge, as a Mom, to get back into the picture. The idea is that once a week you take a picture of yourself with one or more of your children. It's that simple. If you'd like you can post your picture on your blog. You can let me know you posted so I can check out your pics. You can check out my previous weeks or Click the button to add your name to the Mr. Linky. So, have fun!

Last Thursday, with Allen out of town and rain pouring down, we decided to spend the afternoon doing the much dreaded job of pulling the rubbermaids out of the attic. The kids tried each piece of clothing on. We passed things down, threw things out, filled bags for donating, cleaned out drawers and closets, mended, ironed, washed and made lists of what would be needed for the fall and winter seasons. The chaos this creates and the time it consumes always makes me want to fly the coop.

I have never actually done it though. Until now, that is. When my always-looking-for-a-good-bargain friend invited me to join her on Friday morning, Kaitlin offered to watch the boys and I left this...



and even this...

and you bet this...

and this, too.

and this...

to take a beautiful drive to Virginia. Brianna, Emma, Elisabeth and I stopped to admire my favorite silo...

on one of our local farms in full autumn swing. Including pumpkins painted all in a row.

Least you think we are strange farmers here, check out the farm across the street.

I finally met up with my friend, Katrina, here, at what has to be the world's largest rummage sale. The Loudon County Hospital Volunteers have run this sale annually for 71 years! It fills 6 barns and several out buildings on a local horse facility.

We only had time to visit three of the barns and the "French store." That didn't keep us from finding some incredible deals. Antique juice glasses for ten cents each. Tennis shoes, boots and a bag of boys' clothes for $7. An Anne Taylor jacket for $1.

I found this designer bag for Kaitlin as a little thank you with the tags still on it!

Brianna got this beautiful jacket for $1 and a bag of skirts and sweaters for $6!

I got this $400 dress for a little bit of nothing. Now all I need is a great place to wear it. Wouldn't it look beautiful with some silver slippers and silver jewelry?

What great find do you suppose Elisabeth has in her box?

How darling is that? The vintage hat and box with the original newspaper sale ad were just $10!

Until next week, I will leave you with this thought...

"A bargain is something you can't use at a price you can't resist." ~Franklin P. Jones



  1. Kat,

    OK, where do I begin?

    I know that dreaded feeling of organizing rubbermaids and passing things down, or maybe even saving them for a t-shirt quilt one day. By the way, do you plan on doing something like that with old clothing? I got that idea a long time ago, and I have been saving old t-shirts for years.

    The dress you found for yourself looks gorgeous on you. Yes, you must wear it with some silver. The hat and the hat box for Emilie is adorable.

    I'm happy that you were able to get away from all of the dreadful organizing to go out with your friend to that sale. You got some major deals!

    Happy Thursday!


  2. oh man, that sounds like so much fun. Great finds and I love that dress you got. Beautiful.

  3. THAT is my kind of day! I'm glad you had fun. I can't believe it is already week 27...time is flying! You look beautiful in your dress. I love Kaitlin's purse and Nana's jacket too!

  4. Fabulous finds - what a fun way to spend a couple of hours.

  5. WOW...I love bargains! Found a couple this week. Two shirts for my 16 yr old that had the tags still on them for 4.99 each.

    Blessings, andrea

  6. Love the quote! Love the bargins! Love all the special finds! Love that you had a great day! I guess I just LOVE everything about this post. ;-)

  7. Wow looks like a great time and love that dress!

  8. oh WOW! so cool! That dress is stunning. the hat box is way too neat. and the pink pumpkins and silo, too funny. Great post, glad you had fun.

  9. Wow, what an awesome post! I really had to laugh at "what you left behind"... I've so been down that road. Yes, I know what you mean with the Rubbermaid totes, going thru things, So have been down that road too with 12 kids!! I need to do it again here. Unfortunately this spring I totally spaced the tote with my two little girls summer clothes put away....what does that tell me? Too many clothes! UGG!
    Beautiful dress! That looks like what I need for my daughters wedding coming up Dec 31, and I haven't even started looking :(
    The shopping sounds/looks like so much fun, and I love your quote at the end too!

  10. Wow great buys.. I love the pink tote purse, so cute!

    I just joined, here is my first entry, hope you can take a peek!

  11. I love a good bargain(s).. With my girls passing clothes works great.. once Carolyn's done, it goes directly to Katie (no packing it up) my boys are 4 years apart, so we've found a missing box a size too late!

  12. those were really great finds! love esp the ping bag :) and u are right about that dress :) sure that will look good on u :)

    u may view mine if u have time

  13. Wow! You did awesome!!! That purse is so cute! And all of those clothes! That is so fun to find bargains. It makes spending money so much of a blast!!!

  14. Ciao Kat! Your new dress is so beautiful!

  15. Kat,

    You and your friend look more like sisters! I love your picture. You're so beautiful! You got some great finds in the process. Perhaps God knew you had a few needs in mind when He gave you an unexpected surprise shopping trip!

    Love the crazy farm too, pink pumpkins and all. Adorable! Kaitlyn's bag what a steal and I love all the vintage stuff. It's what Caitlyn is really into now!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  16. I think it's cute that you dressed to match your favorite silo. Not many of us think that far ahead when planning our wardrobe for the day.

    Looks like you had a wonderful time! The most fun is not necessarily what you come home with but browsing through all those "treasures" along the way.

    Yes, I did get your fabulous award. I tried to figure out how to get it on my page, but I couldn't even figure out WHERE it went on my page :( Maybe I can have Nana help me when I redecorate for the Fall ...

    Glad you had fun :) and you look fabulous, darling!

  17. Great deals! And I love that dress! You're right, it needs some elegant silver touches.