October 13, 2009

A Weekend With Aunt Dawn

As I mentioned, we spent last weekend in Ohio visiting a long time friend. Today Art's Chili Pepper presents...



  1. Hi Kat,

    The order is quite the same in italian, but there is no standard.
    The only standard is Subject + verb + other.

    For example in the sentence you wrote me:

    Translation 1:
    L'allegra ragazza danzò energicamente nel prato rigoglioso.

    Translation 2:
    La ragazza allegra danzò nel prato rigoglioso energeticamente.

    You see that in translation 2 I have put the adverb at the end of the sentence and I put the adjective before the subject.

    It depends on what you have to say.


  2. She is a little doll.


  3. Kat,

    I honestly can't believe just how creative you are, actually your entire family. How much fun on a 400 acre farm! Count me in!

    Love the beautiful barn that they are restoring. Is it a livable space or just a functioning barn?

    Please teach me how to do your slide show! I want to learn! The music was perfect along with pictures and captions made me feel like we were all along for the ride.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Kat,

    Your family looks like it has so much fun together, and what a great video(songs) and all to remember your roadtrip. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Who dressed all those poor children in Ram's clothing?! It really makes me think I should get something Dolphins for Button ... I can't get over how much prettier Ellie gets every time I see a picture of her. Of course, it's a given ... just look at her family :D Looks like you had a fun weekend all around. Are the wild Wachters settling at home for a wild now? Oh wait, that's right, Italy on the horizon! Sure you're up for it? We have all sorts of fun things in mind here. Can't wait.