October 11, 2009

You Gotta Love Sam

Can you see what he is doing in this picture? Double click on it to enlarge it. Now can you see?

He filled the sled with water. Now he is pedaling his bike super fast so the water sprays out the back. You gotta love how Samuel can think up mischief to get into it. You also gotta love how it is so much fun we have to join in instead of scolding him.

A few weeks ago our friends had a new baby. Samuel adores their older children. When I say older I mean the oldest, Josiah, is younger than Aedan. Followed by Suzanna and the youngest is Ella who is the same age as Elisabeth, by two weeks.

Sammy loves to play with them. He loves to go to their house. He loves to have them at our house. We were so excited to tell him that evening, "Samuel, Josiah and Suzanna's mama brought their new baby home today." Samuel looked at us in complete seriousness with worry on his face and said, "But what happened to Ella?" You gotta love how Samuel looks at all the angles before deciding how to react.

Quite often on Saturday morning, Allen needs to go to Home Depot. You have never heard that before have you? We often make this a special time for Samuel and Elisabeth and take just them along and stop for lunch afterward. It is pretty funny, really because now Samuel will say, "Pa, I think Elisabeth wants some french fries." At the mention of french fries she will start chanting french fries in a frantic manner until we stuff one in her mouth.

Let's not go into my poor feeding habits. Nor let us go into the poor training that I would allow a baby to go on so insistently. Let it suffice to say, she likes french fries.

I have this herb garden. The children delight in walking through the path and rubbing the leaves to smell them and taste the leaves to identify them. When they are playing house outdoors they will often pick a handful to put in their "soup pot." It is not uncommon for one of them to come hug you and the smell of the chives they have been eating hits you from across the room. I love onions and I will still send them for a good brushing at times. Allen hates onions and this sets his nerves a little on edge.

Well, one Saturday we headed out to Home Depot to get the last of the paver stones (heavenly music playing). The four of us climbed into the car and Samuel was excitedly swinging his Curious George lunch box. He excitedly said (high squeaky Sam voice), "Mama, I brought a snack."

"Well, don't eat too much, Sam. I am sure Pa will take you to lunch."

"I just brought a little for me and Moo Moo (yes, that is his nick name for Elisabeth) and Pa and you."

"Well, good thinking, Sam. I have often thought I might starve to death at Home Depot."

A little while later, he opens the lunch box and he hands Elisabeth her little tid bit. Then pops something in his mouth. Next, he hands me one beautiful basil leaf.

You gotta love that Sam thinks ahead and comes prepared.

I was dressing for my Monday night class, last night (it was on Tuesday because of Labor day) when Samuel came in pushing Elisabeth's doll buggy with his woof-woof in it. He started talking at his usual, million miles a minute. The part I caught and hoped to use to start a conversation was, "Woof-woof and I are going on a date. Binkit (that would be his blanket I got for him when he was born) is watching the others."

"The others?" I asked.

"My other kids. They take turns." He explained.

I couldn't resist asking, "How many kids do you have?"

He let out a sigh and with a smile said, "Plenty!"

You have gotta love a Sam who takes time to be a good Pa to all of his plenty kids!


  1. Oh my goodness - I still can't get over the fact that he was so inventive to figure out exactly how that contraption would work to spray water! It totally sounds like something a boy would do though, no? Me? I would have been busy trying to stay dry! I love his expression in the pictures! :)

  2. So cute! I love that first picture - children can be so inventive...spending my days with girls, its sweet to see a boy's imagination at work! (We have our own "Sam" (Samantha aka Sammie) )

  3. Very inventive and so sweet hearted! Great one you got there!

  4. Adorable. You have a beautiful family. GOD has truly blessed you. Sam is very creative...what a neat idea! spraying the world behind you with water.
    Blessings, andrea

  5. Kat,

    These are the best moments in our days when our kids share some insight on what is really going on in their life! What a sweet boy you have in Samuel! Truly one who walks in the way of God! Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Sounds like God has blessed you with a smile creator with that one. Meaning you'll be smiling a lot with him around. LOL.

    The sled reminded me of when we lived in Mt. Airy. My daughters used to ride the sleds down our driveway after a rain .. in the summer. It was a steep driveway and they had a blast. Thankfully we have it on video tape to remember it by!