November 22, 2009


Well, darling Peppers. I can not believe that my time here is coming to an end. By the time you read this I will be back home with you. How did you like my little surprise? It was quite an accident that I will be home a day earlier than we planned. But not bad as far as surprises go, I hope.

There are a few things that I haven't shared with you, yet. Things that were good enough to photograph but that didn't necessarily fit into any of my posts. I wanted to tell you about them.

Thursday night, Aunt Diann and Uncle Ben took me to their favorite local restaraunt.
It is owned by a Sicilian who works on base so it is an interesting mix of Sicilian and American cuisine. It was weird to hear American pop music playing.

Uncle Ben ordered his favorite pizza. Eggs, Sausage, Hot dogs and french fries. And he ate the whole thing!
Our waiter insisted on bringing a bottle of champagne to celebrate Gabriel's birth. Uncle Ben tried to tell them no thank you, we don't drink, over and over but they kept right on pouring and saying a toast to the baby. Remember I told you how important babies are here?

This is a good opportunity to tell you something else I noticed. Every meal we ate was served with wine. Now of course, you know none of us drink. But this I thought was very interesting. Even though wine was served with meals and after lunch they serve another liquor, I never saw a drunk Italian. Not that I think you need to go out and drink, you dear children know how I feel on that topic. But the point being that they know how to have a little and stop. When I passed soldiers visiting on the base, they were always talking about being drunk last night or getting drunk tonight. And were very proud of it. But not so with the locals.

It is self control. I noted this in their food, also. Every where we went they served food. And a lot of variety. Even lunch is multiple courses. I saw many fat Americans, but not even one fat Italian the entire time I have been here. The time together is about visiting. The food is what brings them together, but what they relish is the visiting and fellowship that takes place at the table.

I hope that you get the point there, my children.

Now on to something entirely different. I thought this was cute. This is the "Sea Bee" outside of Uncle Ben's office. I don't have software to edit it here so you will have to blow the picture up to see it good.

What do you think this sign is for?

These scooters are popular because they can move quickly and easily through the streets. Can you tell me a movie that you saw these in?

Boys, I thought you would like this poster in the parking deck in Taoramino.
Some Euro. I spent all mine so sorry to say I won't be bringing any home for you to study.
An Italian Woo Woo. Can you see that it say's US Navy on it? It is funny how the Italians are almost like US military.
And yet one more car for you to see.
Uncle Ben's specialty... smiley fries. Isn't it nice to know that all this good food hasn't ruined his taste buds?
For our last night together, Uncle Ben grilled chicken. I made a chocolate cake and...
a drink made with those prickly pears. It is similar to lemonade... almost like strawberry lemonade.
This is the best picture of my trip, though. I had to come all the way to Sicily to find it but my dear husband, I have conclusive evidence that there is one other St. Louis Rams fan. Go Rams!

And with that, my loves, I thank you for a wonderful trip and look forward to those hugs and kisses really soon. Thank you for being good helpers so that I could come here and be with your Aunt Diann for such a special time.





  1. I think that's where Sarah and I met Frank all those many years ago! Nice!

  2. So with all this delicious italian food,did you lose any weight,since their eating style is different??

  3. To True...

    Yes, and thank you for asking. I lost three pounds in two weeks... not bad for being on vacation in a land known for their food! Of course, those who have been reading for a while know that this is in fact the way I tend to eat anyway, so I was in my element that everyone else did, too!

    Thanks for stopping by,