November 29, 2009

Elves Hard At Work

The sun came out today. The air was cold and crisp. Just perfect for the Thanksgiving weekend and kickoff to our Christmas holidays. It was all I could do to get the children to eat breakfast and get dressed before they ran outside to decorate the train with Christmas lights.

Even though, I was inside hard at work studying for a final exam on Monday night, I could hear the laughter in my heart as they strung 1,800 colored lights.
Lunch was late, as they worked straight through. Their delight at a job well done was contagious when at last they made themselves known.
Dinner will be late, too. For as I write, they couldn't resist the urge to run and play on their masterpiece.



  1. Oh look! You updated your page for Christmas :) Ben is determined to get the lights on the house today. He was bummed that our neighbors beat him to it. That's what he gets for procrastinating ;)

  2. That looks great! Love how they worked together to make it look so pretty! I would have to fight the urge to run and play too! Love your new look for Christmas, Mimi updated my page for Christmas and I love it! Sorry I have been still on the fritz... :P