November 4, 2009

Gorgeous Blogger Award

Laura at Goose Hill Farm and Manuela at Manu's Place have blessed me with the Gorgeous Blogger Award.

The rules for accepting this award are fairly simple.....

I am to tell you six things about myself that you don't know and then award it to six other gorgeous bloggers.

I am running out of things that you don't know about me, but let me see what I can come up with.

1- I love football. It is the only sport I enjoy just sitting and watching on television. And only high school and pro football not College Football. I was a die hard Redskins fan my whole life. When I married my dear husband, the only Rams fan in the world, I supported him by rooting for his team unless they were playing my team. He so respects Kurt Warner and his love for the Lord, that when he left St. Louis we started rooting for the Cardinals, too.

I do enjoy going to a baseball game once a year for the experience but could never enjoy sitting and watching it on T.V. I was raised by Yankees and have always considered myself a Yankees fan. However, in recent years, due to my husband's work, Philadelphia has become my second home and so we root for the Phillies, when we have the opportunity.

A few years ago, Allen and I were in Philadelphia for a funeral and one of his rep companies gave us tickets to a hockey game. That was a blast and I would enjoy going to another game sometime.

I think golf is the most boring of all sports to watch and can not fathom why my dad watches it endlessly, even on his iPhone at family dinners. Allen and I talk about taking up golf just so we can drive a golf cart. It looks so relaxing and would be fun for dates. Don't you think so?

I do enjoy playing sports but I am not good at any of them. Although, when we play basketball, I score more than the rest of the family. I am particularly bad at sports in which balls go flying through the air, like volleyball and soccer. I tend to close my eyes at the crucial minute and either get hit in the head or miss the ball. Either way is not very good and people usually try to avoid my being on their team.

Allen and I like to play tennis, remember we are not very good, and we get lots of exercise doing it since we hit balls all over the place and have to keep running after them.

Now you may ask me questions about my illustrious history in sports.

2- My favorite shade of nail polish is Flamenco pink which is also called Tutti Frutti. And is really the color of flamingos. I love to keep my nails nicely manicured but haven't done so in many years. It takes longer for the polish to dry then for it to get chipped off in my work. I decided around baby 3 that it was not the best use of my time. I do keep my toes nails well manicured as a compromise.

3- Did you know I have brown eyes? My husbands are gray. And this may not seem earth shattering but it is funny that over half of our children have blue eyes.

4- When I leave for Italy next Sunday, it will be the first of many firsts for me. The first time I have ever flown alone. The first time I have ever gone anywhere alone. The first time I have traveled internationally, except to St. Kitt's which doesn't really count, eventhough, technically, it does. My first time in the land of my forefathers. My first time holding my first little nephew from my only baby sister. My first time in England. My first time leaving my hubby behind with the kids. My first time ever staying in a hotel by myself. Hopefully, my first time eating authentic English fish and chips.

5- Am I done yet? I am running out of things. Here's one for you. I can not read the newspaper. I used to watch the news, listen to the news and read the newspaper. But I am too affected by what I read. I get so upset of all the gruesome headlines, that now I bring the paper in and turn it upside down on the coffee table until Allen gets home so that I can't see what evil is happening in the world. I trust, if there is something I should or need to know about (like 911), Allen (who reads the newspaper, listens to the radio, reads news on his blackberry and computer) will tell me about it. Life is better for me that way.

6- I have a migraine coming on and company due for dinner in two hours. Can you figure the last one out and let me know what it is? Oh, how about this? Did I ever tell you that I love palm trees, steel drums, flamingos and anything tropical? I adore the tropics and love to visit there. But I would never live there. I can only stand humidity for so long and could not imagine life without snow and the beautiful change of seasons in our neck of the woods.

Now to pass this on... I didn't know if gorgeous blogger award meant their blog was gorgeous or they were beautiful. But I went with a little bit of both... and then some.

Mimi at He & Me + 3 who is beautiful, has a beautiful heart and a beautiful blog. What's not to love? Oh, she is pretty funny, too.

Jules at Rodman's Road of Life Well, her page is pink and brown. Do I need to tell you anymore?

Hope at My Hope is in the Lord Her love for the Lord and His word makes her one of the most beautiful people I have never met. She writes beautiful stories. Draws gorgeous pictures. Posts great photos. If you haven't checked out her blog that last ten times I mentioned it, you should do it now.

Lisa at Moore Minutes She is so amazingly creative and talented and everything she touches is gorgeous. Don't believe me? Check out some of her decorating, table settings, meals and birthday parties.

Darcie at Life's Unfolding Story Not only is she gorgeous but her family is also. She and her husband are raising a family with grace and dignity that one must admire.

Mikki at the Not So Perfect Housewife Her humility is gorgeous in every sense of the word. And do you know what is so neat? Mikki used to live near me even though we only met through blog world. So we get to swap stories have familiar things once in a while. She is embarking on a fun cooking adventure that you might want to look into.

Kat at Heart 2 Heart The care and concern she shows for each individual who crosses her path is truly gorgeous.

Carol at Joy in the Journey who will never get around to accepting this award (Carol I had to say that so laugh with me now) but who is gorgeous in the traditional sense of the word and who has a beautiful family and lives a beautiful life. Her blog is gorgeous, too.



  1. re. #3 - DH and I both have hazel eyes. Elijah has green eyes, closer in colour to mine than DH's. We were shocked when Ezekiel, our blue-eyed boy, came along! We kept waiting for his eyes to change, and they never did.

  2. Miss Katherine,

    I do believe you have put forth a challenge for me, and yes I did laugh with you this morning, to accept this award. I graciously and lovingly accept it and, girlfriend, stay tuned for a post about said award before you go to Italy. Oh, and while I'm at it, I'll mention the other 2 lovely awards you have given me.

    Thanks ever so much for thinking of me and, even if I am untimely in mentioning them, I appreciate them very much.

    Blessings and Hugs,

  3. Hey Sweet Friend,

    Check out my latest blog post. I think you'll be proud. LOL

  4. What a beautiful award and you deserve it! And all the ladies you passed it onto!! I love sports too, as does the rest of my fam! And since we are in AZ we are Cardinal and Warner fans! I hope you have an amazing time on your trip...what an experience!

  5. Oh Kat!!! Thank you so much sweetie! You my dear are the gorgeous one..that is why so many people are drawn to your blog! You never cease to amaze us blogging friends with the way you and your family do it all. Such a great example for everyone.

    Thanks for thinking of me!

  6. Kat,

    I seriously left you a comment on this post yesterday. Because I read this post...I wonder why it didn't post. Congrats on the award and thank you for passing it on to me. Have the best time on your trip and get lots of pictures. I too love sports...but enjoy being at the games not watching them on TV so much. College football games are the best to attend. So fun! I only worry about my toes being nicely manicured too:)

  7. Oh... Thank you for blessing me so much today with this! I feel so special and loved. I so appreciate YOU. I even had to show this to my
    Mom! ;)

    By the way...I really LOVE those photos in the post above this!

  8. Thanks so much for the award. You're so sweet.