November 14, 2009

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Hello, Baby Peppers,

Can you imagine what was crawling across my bedroom floor the morning after I arrived. These fellows are not indigenous to the area which means he must have made the flight in one of my bags. Do you think I might get in trouble for harboring a stow away?

Nothing like a stink bug to make you feel right at home. We shall call him Salvatore.

So fess up! Who put him in there? Nathaniel, was it you?

Another way I got to feel like I was right at home... I got to wait around the house today for the washer repairman while Uncle Ben and Aunt Diann went to a meeting. Do you think God is trying to teach me something about washing machines? Everywhere I go, there are broken washers!

It wasn't so bad though. I got to try out my Italian on him and the technician said, "Bene!" It was fun anyway.

And while I was waiting, I got to take Gabriel for a walk. We talked and he showed me some of his favorite sights in the neighborhood. I took some pictures for you. Can you figure out what these signs mean? One point for each sign. Everyone can enter their answers for a point to each person who gets the right answer. Here is a hint. One of my Italian books by my bed has pages of road signs.

This would be the dinner I made with the ingredients I got at the market. Tortellini stuffed with prosciutto, tossed with olive oil, garlic, pistachios, feta, Parmesan, sun dried tomatoes and olives.

This would be a sign Uncle Ben made for Pa just before he...

...scraped his olives in the trash.

He should be locked up or kicked out of the country! But I digress. Back to our walk. I took pictures of some of the vegetation I particularly liked. See if you can recognize some of these.

You might remember the birds of paradise from Florida? These grow wild in St. Kitts, too.

You know I always like palm trees of any type. Do you like this one or the one at the top best?

Check out this lantana. They grow in hedges around the base. Many people square them up like boxwoods. I am torn between liking this natural state or the pruned state best of all.

I don't know what this is but the little dohickies look like beans... maybe fava beans, I think.

Here is another neat car I found that you boys might be interested in.

Tonight was Uncle Ben and Aunt Diann's bowling night. So we went for a while. Gabriel agreed to be my date for the night.

We ended with dish night at the Rickerts. Which was me and Aunt Diann (Uncle Ben had to finish bowling) and "While You Were Sleeping."

And that was Friday in Rickertville. Love to all my dear ones,




  1. Odd to see lantana as a domestic plant ... noxious weed here.

    Btw, what is the story behind the name Arts Chilli?

  2. How fun this is that you can blog to your family and we can all share in the fun. I would have tossed the olives too. LOL
    LOve that Orange car and Gab is so cute. I'll bet he was a fun date:)

  3. Dear Mama,

    I hope you are having a fun time. I think I know what the circle blue, sign with arrows is. Is it a round about?

    The white rectangle, sign with the red circle, with a with the little blue square underneath means, the sign means no handicap parking.

    The blue square one with the "P", is a parking sign.

    The blue square with the white triangle with the person walking on a crosswalk, is a crosswalk sign.

    The triangle with with the rectangle and circle underneath, means speed limit 20.

    And the last sign, by Uncle Ben, is a sign of a little boy who needs a spanking.



  4. p.s. the palm tree that is at the top, is the one that I like the best.

  5. Ciao Mama!

    I only have one guess for the signs. The blue one with the arrows are a round about sign, or an Italian recycling truck sign.

    I like the top palm tree better, because I have seen it in White Marsh, and you know where.


  6. Looks like your having a nice adventure, thanks for taking us along on the journey~ Amy

  7. Mama,
    thanks for writing us every day. I think you are alright bringing a stinkbug with long as there is only one and not a mama and a papa:) Italy might just sue the US for allowing those nasty critters to spread...

    Gabe just gets sweeter and cuter every day!!!

  8. Ciao Mom!

    1 is a round about.

    2 is no handicap parking.

    3 is parking.

    4 is cross walk

    and 5 is a speed limit sign.

    What top are you wearing in the picture of you and Aunt Di? I don't recognize it?

    Love you!


  9. Nathaniel,

    You are very clever, my sweet boy. You are right on all of the signs except for the handicap one. That means no parking reserved for handicap parking. I think I like the lower palm tree best of all. But you know Mama likes all palm trees.

    Now can you tell me how they measure their speed on that speed limit sign?


    you are absolutely correct about the round about but I like the recycling idea... it could certainly pass for that!


    Good job... you got them all... except that pesky handicap parking sign.



  10. Brianna,

    Yes they did give me socks, an eye mask and a tooth brush on the plane.

    That is Aunt Diann's shirt I am wearing. I put my nightgown in the laundry but we were waiting for Uncle Ben's uniform to start the load. By the time he showered and changed it was time to go to bowling so I had a wet nightgown when I got home. Aunt Diann's jammies were very comfortable and with her heavy sleep pants, I was much warmer last night, too.

    Thanks for noticing,


  11. Hope,

    I love that line in the movie, too. And the passport to Italy part did not go unnoticed, either. My passport will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart after the way it came to me... Ha!



  12. I'm sorry I'm so late, but thank you so much for the apple butter. We are loving it!