November 10, 2009

Life Abroad... is a Little Peculiar

Hello, my dear ones.

Well, I know you thought they would starve me over here. Yes, I found the yummy chocolate bar and lovely notes in my carry on luggage. They warmed my heart dearly and I had to share your notes with the lady sitting next to me on the plane. She was Indian and she had this to say... "It seems they miss you very much to do this for you."

Now, as I was saying... I know you thought they would starve me here, but actually they are treating me very well. See, here is my bedroom. Now, I did have to sleep with socks on. They thought of everything except a Pa to keep my toes warm. Don't worry Allen, no matter how cold it got, I refused to use the Dolphins blanket that Ben offered to me. Tonight they gave me a John Deere quilt to use. What do you boys think of that?

And here is my very own bathroom. Although, it is not quite as much fun as at home since no body talks to me or reads Bible to me while I put my makeup on and take my bath. I am not sure how polite it is to talk about commodes on the internet but I can not resist pointing out that thing hanging near the ceiling is the toilet tank. How funny is that? Can any of you kids tell me why you think they would put it up there? I'll give you Science credit if you put your noggins to work on it.

No, I am definitely not starving. This morning Uncle Ben made me chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and Aunt Diann brought me hot coffee. The kiwi that came fresh from the market is delicious. Nathaniel, my little kiwi friend, you would have loved it!

Now, I know that I came here to help them. But it seems they are doing more to help me. When I washed the breakfast dishes, Uncle Ben had to show me how to run the dishwasher. Why do you think that is? Look really closely!

And Aunt Diann had to post the conversions from Celsius to Fahrenheit so I could use the oven. Do you remember the formula I taught you in math? I sure don't!

Maybe I can give points to those Wachter kids who can answer the questions in my post. Maybe there will even be a prize for the one with the most points when I get home! All of you can answer and earn points so don't give it away. Type your answer (and sign your name) in the comments. Perhaps, you bigger girls will help the younger ones to answer questions and enter them? Don't forget to check out my last post. I think I may have put a few questions there, too.

Now, this is really cool. My little electricians, and you too my big electrical engineer, will like this. Their house has European and American wiring. So they can use both. Yeah! Flat iron here I come.
Now lest you think it has been all work and no play... it hasn't. We haven't done much of anything except all try to take it easy and get rested. Actually, we were in bed at 10 last night and I should have been there at 10 tonight... but I wanted to stop in and make sure I got a post up for you tomorrow.

Aunt Diann wanted to go to the movies this evening. We saw Julie and Julia, which you know I really liked. Aunt Diann liked it, also. This is her in the theater-not that you can really tell. You will have to take my word for it!

Now, I was going to put up some pictures of our time with Button, but it is very late now and I want to get to sleep so I can be a good helper to Aunt Diann. I love you all very much and pray you are taking good care of Pa for me.





  1. Ah, Hope. You see, my detective you are!

    That top photo is my family. The Spring after Elisabeth was born. The girls made those lovely dresses while Allen and I were in Berkley Springs. Do you remember I told you about that trip and also talked about it in my post about the stink bugs? After I saw the dresses I had to get shirts for the fellows to match and have the portrait done. If you will email Brianna or KK or leave a note on their blog and ask them to post or email you the portrait of the pastel eyelet dresses they made while we were in Berkley Springs, you will see what I am talking about. Ellie is the only one that did not outgrow hers, I believe. I loved that portrait, though.

    The other one below it is a picture from our family reunion in May of 2008 before Di and Ben moved to Italy. It is also a very nice portrait, I think. I don't know if she can send that one, as I remember having trouble scanning it in when I tried. It is a little bit too big to fit on the scanner, but you can ask her to try it for you. I really enjoyed that one because we had my folks, Allen's folks and Ben's folks as well as his nephews all together for the first (and maybe last) time. It is the closest we have ever gotten to having all my parents grand kids in one photo too. My brother's son was not there, as my brother refused to go to that studio. A funny but too long story to type tonight. And my step brother has had another son since and of course now Gabriel.

    Love ya!


  2. Kat,

    WOW what beautiful accomodations you have going! I love their home, so comfy and cozy! Absolutely love it. It's funny all the things you miss when you are not at home. Love everything you are sharing with us from the dishwasher settings as well as the temp conversions. Things you just would never think of!

    Love how you took the Kats away theme and used it. Your hubby is a great blogger too! Hopefully he will keep his going even when you get back. Co bloggers perhaps!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Hi, Kat~ (waving)

    I see you are staying at the best accommodations available, and the room service....SWEET! :> )

    Love the questions for the kids. What a great idea. I'll have to remember that for the next time I am away from Kiddo.

    You have a beautiful sister! Oh, and please tell Uncle Ben I love the jammies! He looks oh-so-comfortable! lol


  4. WOOO HOOO! Go flatiron!

    So glad to hear you guys are having a good time! Are you used to the time yet?

    Those chocolate chip pancakes sound so good! Have we made them before?

    I'll read this to the kids today and see if we can figure these things out.

    So the dishwasher is in Italian...good thing you brought your book!

    The formula for converting C-F is:


    Or for F-C

    F-32divided by1.8=C

    Yes I did have to look it up;)

    Love you Mom!


  5. Just want to say fun to go with you to visit your sister in Italy!

  6. Looks like you're having a wonderful adventure!! Enjoy making those memories!! ~ Amy

  7. I can not believe that Hope noticed that picture of you and your family on the wall. She is a fine detective. I had to go back and look to see what she was even talking about! But I found you, blew you up and then I could see your beautiful family. what a great picture!!:)

  8. Dear Brianna,

    Actually, I am doing really well with the time. No jet lag at all. I think I was so tired when I got here that I got a good night sleep and jumped right in on their time. The only thing is I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what time it is there and what are you all doing at that particular time. I think we have made chocolate chip pancakes before. These suckers were so big I could only eat half of one before I was STUFFED! Good job on the formula and yes the dishwasher was in Italian

    Love ya!