November 9, 2009

A Little Look At London

Note to All: I wrote this post yesterday but couldn't get on the Internet to put it up since Ben and Diann's network was down. OOPS! Better later than never.

Note to my dear readers:

My posts over the next few weeks will mostly be directed toward my little, and not so little,ones back home. You are welcome to come along for the ride. If you don't find it of interest, stop back around the 21st when I will be returning home for Thanksgiving with lots of stories and recipes as I get geared up for the holidays. In the meantime if you want to know how things are going in Wachter world, Pop over to Pa's Blog. I have just come from there and had a few good laughs.

Cheers! Chili Pepper

Cioa!My darling little peppers. Well, you can bet that I am missing you for sure. I can imagine how much fun you are all having with your Pa. I was hoping to have a post up for you when you woke this morning (Monday), but your Mama couldn't figure out how to get on the Internet. So, here I will write you a little something while I make this next part of my trip to Catania.

There are so many things that you would have enjoyed already, as I have made my way across the world. Can you imagine, by the time I arrive at Aunt Diann's, I will have been in four airports, on two planes, 2 cars, 1 coach (that is a bus in London) and something I don't even know what it is called that looks like a metro train on wheels? You boys would really enjoy checking out some of the cars I saw in London. Of course, you know that they drive on the wrong side of the road. And the car, for that matter. This is just like my bus but it is not the actual one I rode.

Nathaniel this next picture will be of special interest for you.

This is the screen in front of my seat on my flight to London. Why do you think I took a picture of it? On this screen it showed the planes altitude, the outside temperature and the speed the plane was going. Do you see how cold it is that high up? There were ice crystals on my window when the sun came up! The temperature was -46 degrees, then. Now, can you remember what altitude means? Imagine how high 2300 feet is. Mt. Everest is even higher. And at one point we were cruising at 3300 feet. That is even higher than Mt. Everest! Sometimes, the screen also switched to a map that showed our route with an airplane to show where we were. Just like the GPS.

Who recognizes this? Where do you think I found that? In London! Isn't that a long way from Savannah? They had Krispy Kreme hats, too!

Do you remember when we were watching the movie on Saturday night and Max and 99 were in London? Do you also remember how thick the fog was,so that they couldn't see where they were? It was just like that today. And they tell me it really is like that most of the time.

Bonjour, Girls, pay extra attention here.

Look at the beautiful Cafe where I had breakfast.

What if we did some paintings like these on the bulkheads in the kitchen?

It was so serene and the beautiful French music was playing that I almost forgot I wasn't in France!

And the croissants and marmalade they brought with them were so delicious, that I might change my mind about not wanting to go to Paris.

This delicious breakfast was only 5 pounds. Can you figure out how much that is?

I asked my waitress to take this picture for you. I think she thought I was a little silly.

I had some fun shopping in Harrod's since I had time before my flight boarded. But you will have to wait until I get home to see what special things I found.

One more picture before I go. This was a rather unique fountain in Gatwick airport in London. It was several floors high and this circular ramp winds around it to the lower floors. I knew you all would think it was really neat and threw some coins in and asked God to be with you in my absence.

Now, one more thing. Aunt Diann was right! The people in London and on British Airways are the nicest I have ever met. The only unpleasant person I have encountered since I left home was a lady who is from San Francisco, California. Isn't it sad that the Americans were represented as grumpy? She and her husband are both in the Navy and stationed on the same base as Uncle Ben and Aunt Diann. Let us learn from the difference between her and the British people. To make sure that our testimony of Jesus is as sweet as the hospitality of the British. That we may welcome all we encounter with such sweetness that the love of our Saviour will shine through and those who don't know his love will want to come right in and be at home.

Til next time, my loves.




  1. Have fun, sweetie!

  2. Ciao Kat!I'm happy you arrived at your sisters!
    Now you have to relax a little! you had a long journey!

  3. Mio Bella Madre,
    I am soooo excited to read this post!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed London. Maybe you'll be able to see a bit more of it during you coming-home layover. Did you like Harrod's? That's where Mr. Bean buys his lights and ornaments. He really likes their Nativity display...:) Give Gabby some extra hugs and kisses from me!
    Figlia KK

  4. I am so glad things are going smooth for you!

    Love and miss you!

  5. Aww. Looks like a great trip so far!! I love the cafe!! So warm and inviting!!
    Can't wait to follow along, green with envy.. oh wait.. did I say that out load.. LOL!!

    Have fun!

  6. Kat,

    I love how exciting this all looks to us that have never really traveled much! You look right at home in your French Cafe and to know that your hubby was having tea with you at home is so romantic. You truly do have a blessed and rich life. Can't wait for even more fun pictures in your next post!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. Oh I can't wait to go along with you on all your travels...thanks for letting the rest of us come along with you! Glad you made it.

  8. Kaitlin,

    I forgot that it was Harrod's where Mr. Bean shopped. I did enjoy it very much, but it was an airport store but a little different than the one Mr. Bean visited. It was so fun to find little treats for each of you to have from London, even though you know how much I hate shopping. This I enjoyed. You would have loved some of the decadent little gifts they had, like the beautiful porcelain boxes so ornately decorated and only the size of a dime! Alas, they were far too expensive for me to bring any home. Although, unlike most airport stores, they charged less than they do in their department store. Also, they charge your purchase in American dollars so there is no conversion fee. Everywhere else you have to pay an additional 3 percent on your purchase if you are using an American credit card. I didn't know that until I was checking out and was pleasantly pleased to hear it. I thought Pa might like that, too:)



  9. Kat,

    You are a precious mommy to your children. what a great post it is almost like we are there. What cool pictures.

  10. Kat,

    Cafe' Rouge is one of our favorites! They have them throughout England. I had a cafe' latte' there recently, and it was the very best I have had.

    I love the way your letter is to your precious children and husband. They are so very sweet to write comments to you and dialogue with you along the way.

    Enjoy your trip. I've never been to Harrods, but I will in February when my very best girlfriend in the world comes to visit us.


  11. How fun! It is going to be like you are taking us all with you on your trip!! I am so glad that you arrived safely. I hope you have a wonderful time!!

  12. Very cool, Chili. Love that fountain. Have fun,