November 6, 2009

Mulled Apple Cider

I have the most wonderful cozy thoughts of a pot of hot mulled cider from growing up. We would go to McCutcheon's, where they pressed the cider, with our jugs and filled them from the tap. Only good old cloudy cider for us, please. Later, in the evening, my dad would pull out a pot and mull some up for us. The steaming mugs were served with orange slices by the wood stove. No autumn gathering, from Emma's birthday until Thanksgiving is complete at our house without a crock pot full of cider. This year, we didn't make our first pot until last night. Read some back posts if you are dying to know why.

Tonight, for Kaitlin's birthday celebration, you can bet we will have some brewing to serve with my grandmother's Jewish coffee cake. I can almost taste it now.

I have an extra large crock pot, and usually double this, using a gallon of cider.

1/2 cup brown sugar
2 quarts cider
1 teaspoon whole all spice
1 1 /2 teaspoon whole cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
orange slices

Pour cider into large pot or crock pot. Add sugar and stir. Add spices (you can put them in a tea ball or cheese cloth if you want to avoid straining before serving).

Heat until warmed through. If you prefer the spices stronger, than allow to simmer longer. The smell will warm you before you have your first sip.

To serve: Strain into mugs. Squeeze an orange slice into each cup and then drop it into the cup as garnish.

Leftovers can be refrigerator and reheated in the microwave for an extra special breakfast treat. Remove the spices before storing, so it does not become too strong.

This makes a great hostess gift. Put sugar and spices into a baggie and add instructions. Tie with pretty ribbon to a jug of cider. Don't forget the orange! If you are looking for a more substantial gift, put the jug and all into a crock pot for a house warming or shower gift in the Autumn.

Be sure to stop back and tell me how much you like this.


  1. You can bet I am going to try this!! I am always wondering what spices to add to cider to make it taste just a little bit better...thank you SO much for sharing!!!

  2. Sounds wonderful and i love the gift idea. Grandmothers jewish coffee cake sounds great too. YUM

  3. I love apple cider, too. We haven't done it yet this fall (of course it hasn't really been cold enough in our neck of the woods). But definitely from Thanksgiving to Christmas I make it a ton. Thanks for sharing your recipe!