November 16, 2009

A Special Day

Dear Wachter Peppers,

Today was the day we took Gabriel to church for his dedication service. Which makes me his official God Mama.

He was very well behaved and didn't make a peep the entire time.

Aedan, do you recognize this outfit? It was one I dressed you in when you were Gabriel's age. Asked the girls to show you your portrait in the album. It is hard to imagine just six years ago you were this size, my sweet son.

This is a little friend I made at the reception. Her name is Madelyn and I taught her how to serve tea. Do you girls recognize this little tea set?

I was tricked into this picture, Allen. Ben hid all the blankets in the house, except this one, and opened all the windows. What else do you expect of someone who would throw olives away?

I do hope you all had a wonderful day of worship and learned good things as you visited the Lord's house. Give Pa an extra hug for me.





  1. Mama,
    Than says:
    "Where did Uncle Rice hide the blankets, the little stinker? It was mean to make you use THAT blanket. That tractor blanket was cool".

    Ellie says:
    "Baby! Awwww!"

    Emma says:
    "Gabriel looks so sweet in that outfit. Well, he looks sweet in everything, but especially that outfit."

    Aedan says:
    "I agree with Emma. He looks cute in my old outfit."

    Nana says:
    "Same goes for me, double! You looked very pretty at the christening. What a nasty trick! and I do recogonize that tea set."

    KK says:
    "Button looks very cute. His face is so precious. Uncle Ben looks complete holding a baby, and Aunt Di's face looks simply radiant! I do remember that tea set! Did Madelyn have fun?"

    We all love you!
    7 little peppers(and how they grew):)

  2. Peppers...

    What a treat to see you leave some love here on my blog for me.

    Of course you know I am only teasing about Uncle Rice hiding the blankets. He has been very kind to me and even in his sleep deprived state has tried to serve me. He also shares his baby time with me. That is pretty decent if you ask me. He has taken me on a driving tour of the base where he works and cooks for us sometimes, too. Although, I do try to tell him that I came here to cook for them.

    Last night we watched football together since Aunt Diann and Button went to bed early. We were excited that both our teams won for a change. Sorry about the Rams... they did pretty decent, all things considered.

    Yes, Gabriel does look so beautiful in that outfit. But, as you say, he looks beautiful in everything. He is such a gorgeous baby. I know that you will all love him very much.

    I thought you might think it was neat that I was playing with your old tea set all the way over here. Yes, Madelyn and I did have a very nice tea party and when we were done she was a perfect hostess. She even perfected the art of feeding dolly some tea cookies.

    I love you each so dearly.


  3. How blessed he is to have you has his Godmother!

  4. Kat,
    What a beautiful day. Gabrielle is a beautiful little one. Give your sister a hug and enjoy your time together. I am thinking and praying for you while you are away.

    Blessings, hugs, and prayers, andrea

  5. Kat,

    You certainly are one lucky Tia! I love reading so much about your trip to Italy and it's been so much for learning things I never knew before.

    Please stop at my blog today to pick up a special surprise just for you and here is hoping that it makes for a Happy Monday.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Oh my what a blessing to be there for his dedication. That is so special.

  7. Baby dedications are so sweet and you were lucky to be able to be there! I hope you are having a lovely time but I'm sure your family misses you a lot!

  8. Yes, Ben is quite the joker. He fits in perfectly with my family and my brothers. He has been a blessing to our family and more specifically to my dear sister.