November 18, 2009


Hello from Sicily!

This morning we loaded baby in the car and took a scenic drive to the beautiful village of Taoramino. It is everything I expected of this little city perched on top of this mountain. The views were so breathtaking and the sites so fascinating that I wanted to capture it all for you, my dear ones. I could not narrow them down too much so if the pictures begin to bore you take advantage of that down arrow.

You may need to double click on this and blow it up to see the village in this photo.

And here it is a little closer.

I, who despises shopping, could have spent all week just admiring the beautiful decorated shop windows.

And the architecture! Everything is built up to fit as much into a tiny space. Most of the floors above the shops are living quarters.

And on the streets are many such outdoor cafes.

You pass through many alleys, such as this, to go down to the levels below or to move to streets behind the buildings. Do you see how narrow they are? Now you understand why there are such small vehicles and scooters are so popular.

Here we had lunch.

Eating a leisurely lunch on fine linens outdoors on a day such as today... what an amazing existence!
Look at the sites we had to admire while we waited for our meal.

Even looking up provided a beautiful distraction.

The meal started with olives...
and bread...
Followed by antipasto of grilled zucchini and eggplant. Tomatoes gratin, eggplant Parmesan, peppers Sicilian style, artichoke omelet with more fresh bread, of course.

I can not remember how to say french fries in Italian... although, I ought to because Aunt Diann told me a thousand times if she told me once. I do know that these potatoes fried in olive oil were a delicacy.

Oh, I could eat like this forever. The main course was tomato and mozzarella salad, which you know is one of my favorites.

While we ate, the waitress played with Gabriel.

After lunch it was riposare. That is when everything in Sicily closes down for several hours of rest each afternoon. We walked and visited the shops that were opened. I had a great time using my limited Italian vocabulary with the shop keepers. Between their little Enlgish and my little Italian, we manage to work out some good haggling, buy cannolis for dessert and swap vital statistics for Gabriel.

The Greek Theater


You know I can not resist a good palm tree.

Have you seen a more breathtaking view of the Ocean? Nathaniel can you tell me which this is?

Yes, another view of Mt. Etna

See again, the narrow streets.

I just thought this was a neat little deal in the piazza.

Another view from the piazza. See how it is built right up into the mountain range?

And the church in the piazza

And more views in the piazza

Aunt Diann and Gabriel's buggy. I was holding him while I took pictures.

This is made of thousands of tiny mosaic tiles.

Aren't the lights on this tree wonderful?

On the way home, Aunt Diann took a wrong turn. We took a rather scenic round about way home. The evening settling over Etna had to have yet one more photo.

I hope you have enjoyed this little view of Taoramino. Perhaps you could see what you can learn about it in your Italian books or on the Internet.

I love you my darlings!




  1. Kat,

    What gorgeous photos of Taormino. I had the opportunity to go there when we went on our cruise, and for some reason, we chose not to. Argh! Now I wish we had.

    I love caprese salad, too. All of that food looks so very delicious. I love all of the architecture you captured. I tend to do the same thing when we visit places.

    Hugs from England to Italy,

  2. Not walking yet and already an excellent tour guide. The little man is awesome!
    Looks like you are having a great time.
    Blessings, andrea

  3. I feel like I was there with you. Gorgeous pictures and the food looks so delish!

  4. Mama,
    From all of us:
    the pics are beautiful. You could work for a travel magazine! Gabby is cute as always. Nathaniel thinks it is the Mediterranean Sea. Taormina in where Aunt Di purchased KK's pink rose necklace.
    The 7 Little Peppers (and how they grew)

  5. Yeah! Nathaniel. You are correct. What a smart boy I have. Yes, Taoramina is where Aunt Di found the necklace for KK. I wanted to bring you each something from there but the shops were mostly closed and we had to leave before they reopened in order to be home in time for Uncle Ben and Aunt Diann's date.

    Love ya!


  6. What a beautiful day of pictures. That was some lunch too. Wow. I love that everything shuts down for a while in the afternoon. Good for them.

  7. Kat,

    Oh these beautiful pictures really does bring the heart of Italy home! This is just what I imagined when I thought of cute little cafes and the food you'd be eating. Love the pictures that show the plants hanging down from the tops of the buildings. Truly a sight worth sharing.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. Looks like something purely out of a movie...spectacular!

  9. Kath mom and I love your photos but can you level some of them out? If it wern't for the kids and Allen I dn't think you would come back and who wold blame you.

  10. Very neat pictures. You got to see some awesome sites. I'm glad you were able to go and spend time with your sister and nephew & brother in-law.

    I think you are home now. Welcome home and Happy Thanksgiving!