December 19, 2009

2000 Years...

So, I haven't been fully on top of posting this week. I was spending every free moment digging through old pictures, in albums, boxes, memory cards, computer files and on my external hard drive. With the help of Kaitlin and Brianna we completed Allen's anniversary gift with a little time to spare.

A few years ago, I was going to make an album of our life together. The only catch was I realized there were not enough photos of us to do even the smallest creative memory book. In fact, for the first six years, I couldn't find one picture! For many years after that, there was one or two a year if any at all. I guess Allen or I always had the camera and with our children young, the thought never occurred to us to hand it off to them. The few we had weren't necessarily flattering, either.

After my failed attempt at making a scrapbook, I tried to be more conscientious about taking pictures of us once in a while. I thought I was doing good until we again were trying to piece them together into a time line. Entire vacations passed without a single shot of us together.

But this past year, thanks to Carin's 52 week challenge, and the fact that all the children are able to use the camera now, I think we did much better. Kick back for a few minutes, ignore the bad pictures (Kaitlin had to fill time) and take a peek at some of the best moments of my life.



  1. Doug or I are always behind the camera and rarely in the pictures.

    PS: If you know Hope personally. Please tell her I have been thinking about her. Either she deleted her blog or for some reason I can not get to it. I hope she is doing well.

  2. What a beautiful album of the two of you. Your love for each other shines through beautifully. I loved being able to see what you put together for Allen.

    Happy Anniversary! (when is the exact date?)

    Love & Hugs,

  3. How awesome is this? What a gift....what a cherished keepsake. (aggravated because my computer froze up the video half way through)

    You are truly blessed my friend......may you be celebrating many more years together!

  4. Oh, Kat, that was beautiful!
    And Happy Anniversary!
    Oh yeah and we have that same teal backpack that ya'll had in what looks like the earlier years!

  5. Happy Anniversary! How many years is it for you? Our 20th is Jan 6. Loved the pictures over the years and seeing your family grow! Have fun celebrating!