December 5, 2009

A Christmas Carol

Tonight, Friday, was Dish Night at the Wachter's. And what a great time it was. My dad found a new marinara recipe he wanted to try and since today was his day off he made a big batch with meatballs and brought the bounty to our house for dinner. Now we always have pizza for dish night but we gladly made the exception tonight. It was fabulous and we served it along with some Italian bread and olive oil from my trip to Mineo.

Nathaniel's name was drawn to choose the movie tonight and he chose one of the our favorite Christmas movies. The Muppet's version of Charles Dickens Christmas Carol. Now if you've not seen this version you are definitely missing out. There are many good renditions out there, and I believe we have seen them all, but this is truly my favorite. Michael Cain brings his magnificent formal stage training to lend the air of formality of his predecessors while the Muppets add enough light heartedness to keep the children mesmerized to the end. The original music is fun and entertaining from start to finish. Don't forget to check out the DVD extras. They are hilarious.

You can check it out here

And you can buy it at Amazon for $12.49.

Now if I am in the mood for a more serious movie, my absolute favorite version is the one with Patrick Stewart. Allen is a huge Star Trek fan but I never knew what a wonderful dramatic actor this thespian was until we saw him in this movie a few years ago.

This version is only $6.49 on

Now, if I have learned anything about Christmas in the 38 I have been blessed with, I have learned this. Everyone has a definite preference for their version of A Christmas Carol. Today I invite you to tell me about yours. Don't forget to let me know what you think of these two versions.



  1. We also love the Muppet version and I think Michael Caines best work! We are Star Trek fans, also, but for some reason haven't seen the one with Patrick Stewart. We will have to fix that. Our favorite is the musical Scrooge with Albert Finney. Have you seen it? We love when they sing the song Thank You Very Much. The part where he seems to go to hell is a bit scary,so only the big kids can watch that part! We do a lot of editing at our house!

  2. I love the Muppet Christmas Carol! There goes Mr. Humbug, there goes Mr. Grim...

  3. Muppet Christmas Carol is my all time tip top best of the bunch not christmas til we watch it movie.
    When a cold wind blows it chills you it chills you to the bone...

  4. You have an award on arise 2 write.

  5. Oh, yeah. When it comes to Christmas movies, we know our stuff ;)

    I'm thinking of doing a post, of "An Inside Look, At The Wachter's Christmas Movie Shelf." Well see...



  6. Hmmm...I've only seen one version of that movie, and I can't even remember which one it was!
    And...I never really got into the Muppets.

  7. The Muppets Christmas Carol is one of our favorites too!
    Yesterday we went to see the new Disney Christmas Carol.. whoo wee.. it was great because of the detail but very scary.. Some little kids in the theater were upset.