December 7, 2009

Do You Know Why...

I love to read Baby Blues?

They are so true to real life? These people have real kids and live real life. For example, check out Ellie's new snow boots.

Tell me what could be cuter than that? Except, of course, this.

Which she wore with her pajamas, all through the house, and even to dinner. She would have worn them to bed, too, but Pa said her feet would get sweaty and made her take them off.
Sigh. What's a girl to do?



  1. SOOOO adorable! I can't get over how she gets more beautiful every day. And obviously the height of fashion, too ;)

    The second cartoon is perfect. I think it sums up marriage in a nut shell.

  2. What a perfect comic for Ellie and her new, pink boots. They are adorable and I love the photo of her wearing her santa hat with them on.

  3. She is adorable....they were so cute on...maybe Pa should have cut her a break just this once.
    Blessings and hugs, andrea

  4. Hi Kat! It has been a long hiatus for me! I love coming and seeing you and your family going and growing!

    I have tagged you:

    PS... THANK YOU for the bbq sauce! We used some on some deer my hubby got and it is fantastic!!!

  5. Mama,
    pink boots, pink furs, and pink clothes... pink girlie!! even pink comic!!

  6. Is Ellie everything you hoped for when you were hoping for another girl, or what?

    Love Ya,