December 14, 2009

Happy Day

Elisabeth's Birthday in Pictures...

Good Morning snuggles with Aedan. As we said "Happy Birthday!" to Elisabeth she responded, "Happy Day!" back to us.

The children all want to give her presents at once.

Because of our evening plans and because we are always too full to eat cake after birthday dinners, we decided to have a birthday tea party for Elisabeth, instead of breakfast.

Complete with this beautiful and delicious silver cake baked and decorated in a heart shape by Kaitlin.

Elisabeth loves to blow out birthday candles, even if it isn't her birthday. When we sang "Happy Birthday!" Ellie sang "Happy Day!"
I think she liked it. Particularly the roses, which she picked off the cake and shoved in her mouth.
The princess towel from Samuel not only became a cape, but later made its way to her bed for nap time.

Play time with Mama.

and the dollies.

I always give a special balloon to our little ones on their birthday. Ellie was delighted with her princess one. She started calling it her Happy Day. When it floated up she would look to the sky and ask for her Happy Day.

Elisabeth doing the birthday balloon dance.

Ummm... you all know birthdays have a lot to do with food around here. Elisabeth's favorite food is french fries. Since Chick-fil-A is not open on Sunday we had to settle for McDonald's. Pa wanted to make sure she had her fill. Yes, five orders. Do you see that balloon in her hand, yet?

Ellie did not want to let go of her balloon to open her present from Brianna, either. In fact it went to her room with her at nap time and along with us for the evening outing, too. We did convince her to leave it in the car, though.

Princess shoes from Kaitlin.

After naps we went to see our church's Christmas cantata, A Colonial Christmas, in which my big brother dies of pneumonia. Frank, in his Revolutionary War Uniform, that Brianna helped him make.
Then Allen drove us to a local farm where they have a mile long light display. Elisabeth looked out her window and said, "See the bling?"

It was quite late now, and no one had eaten dinner. Most of the places we would go were closed and it being so cold and damp we didn't feel like going anywhere but home to the fire anyway. We picked up some dinner at the market and had picnic by the fire. Do you see what Ellie is holding?
I gave her the present Allen and I got for her, some fake pearls that look like mine. To which she shouted, "There's the bling!"

When we were sitting there cuddling, I realized she had a fever... which wasn't so happy... but it wore her out so much that she fell asleep cuddling me... and holding her balloon. After a half hour or so she lost her grip on it for the first time that day.

Yes, a happy day indeed!



  1. Kat,

    What a blessed "Happy Day" she did have. So beautiful I feel like I witnessed something magical and unseen! I love all the birthday traditions you've come up with and love all those french fries!

    Here is hoping that she is feeling much better this morning.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. oh.. happy day indeed! Hope she's feeling better today! Wonder if she asked for her balloon when she woke up? :)

  3. That looks like a wonderful day. I love the happiness in a little ones face. Her princess shoes are so cute.

  4. So glad she had her Happy Day before she got sick! Hope she is feeling better soon!