December 4, 2009

I am Not Dead... Just Brain Dead

So maybe you've noticed that I have been in my own little world since I got home. The fact is my own little world is kind of big right now. And really buzzing with activity.

I am not a good traveler nor do I easily adjust to change. It took me until this Monday to get over the jet lag. How pathetic is that? I started my day early in the dark of night and by 11:30 in the morning I have been brain dead. Which is a bit of a problem since days around here don't often end until midnight. It was especially disconcerting in our class when I fell asleep. Yes, I fell asleep. Shhhhh... Don't tell anyone. It is rather embarrassing. But that is all over now.

Now of course when I returned home it took me some time to get hearth and home back to order. One day catching up on laundry and ironing alone. But that is all done now, too.

And then there was Thanksgiving with all the baking and entertaining and family. Which also means decorating Christmas trees, hanging lights and making lists.

Oh, and did I mention I had twelve hours of class time to make up? I missed one final while I was away and you aren't permitted to take your exams until you complete the class time. I did have the bulk of my homework done before I left, knowing that it would be hectic when I got back, so that was a little relief. I spent the four day weekend studying for my second final which was Monday. And thank you for asking. It went quite well. I think. This week, I have been buried in studying for the exam I missed, which I will make up next Monday. So I have no time to read blogs because I have to memorize the 3 missionary journeys of Paul, in order, and the events and people that took place at each. Next week will be getting ready for the third and final exam the following Monday. Big sigh. It may sound like griping, but I promise you I enjoy every minute of it.

Today (Thursday) I got to spend the entire day running from appointment to appointment. I usually schedule the babies checkup for first thing in the morning, when she is fresh and happy. Unfortunately, a scheduling conflict required Elisabeth to be moved to the end of the day. After sitting through multiple appointments, that literally took all day, missing both of her naps and a full hour in the waiting room, the unimaginable happened. And I tell you this so everyone will realize that we are not as perfect as you all think. Elisabeth, who was sitting happily on my lap up to that point, all of a sudden let out a wail and continued to scream at the top of her lungs for a full minute. I buried her face in my shoulder and whispered over and over in her ear to be pretty. I didn't know what else to do. I had no idea what her problem was except that she was fed up with sitting, hungry and tired. Allen had been delayed in meetings and thus stood me up three times this today and the the truth is, I felt like screaming, too.

But at last we made it home, after sitting in horrible rush hour traffic, by 5:00. Had a sweet time with the family making dinner and finishing our packages to mail to friends and family who won't be with us for the Holidays.

When I checked my email, I was saddened to see news of trouble in the pregnancy of our dear friends. Please be in prayer for Tony, Carrie and their unborn twin boys. They are in the hospital and doctors are trying to stop contractions to hold off labor. I did this route with two of our babies and it is very hard and frightening time.

Later, as we were putting the boys to bed, I had a very frustrating conversation with my sister. I am so sick of medical professionals who can not do their job. On the first day I was at their house I looked at baby Gabriel and told Di that he had thrush. He had just come from his check up when the doctor pronounced him thrush free. Before I left Sicily, I mentioned that his diaper rash looked like thrush. Despite several doctors and nurses that she discussed her and his symptoms with the problem was left untreated. Now several weeks later, my poor sister is in pain and baby is miserable and having trouble nursing. Any mother who has nursed a baby could have told the doctors what was wrong and what to do. But they threw a pill, offered no treatment for baby and sent her home earlier this week. Now it has gone yet several more days without treatment. HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT?

I was so upset and frustrated over the whole thing and the fact that I had just what she needed right here in my house to treat everyone but no way to get it to her. I kept trying to go about other business around the house and about every two minutes started going off on it again. I tried to write about our ginger bread house but somehow it turned into this post which I was too upset to even actually type in any coherent way. Finally, Allen pushed me into the shower and put on a video so I could unwind enough to sleep.

And that my friends, is why you have this long RAGE instead of a post today. Thanks for the therapy session. I will make it up to you tomorrow!



  1. The bill is in the mail, my darling Kat! ;) Love you!

  2. Oh, dear. I hope your world slows down soon. Hugs to you!

  3. AWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, feel free to vent anytime! Sounds VERY frustrating about the doctors... how could they not diagnose that?

    I've had two and I knew when MINE had thrush? Goodness. At least she knows she can call you on any kid matters and you'll know what you're doin'. =0)

    Glad you're getting back into the swing of normalcy again.

  4. I am enraged just hearing about your sister. Here she is a new mom in a foreign country and can NOT get the help she needs. It makes me furious. As you said, it is sooo simple. Bless her heart. I will pray that someone intervenes to help her on her side of the pond.
    Blessings, hugs, love, and prayers, andrea

    PS: I could scream with elisabeth, too.

  5. Glad we could help, that's why we're here.

  6. Thank you for your kind words, concern, and well-wishes, Kathy. I've just gotten a call from Carrie, and hopefully, she'll be coming home today. :)