December 21, 2009

It Should Be Nice This Time of Year...

...with all that snow.

This Friday we got word of possible snow on Saturday. We were all excited since we love snow. This was the first day of Allen's Christmas vacation so it was a particularly fitting time. As the day progressed the expected arrival time grew earlier and the accumulation predication grew greater. By the time we settled down for dish night, it was to start by nine pm with 10 inches on the way.

We chose White Christmas for our movie night to fit the theme but the children could barely sit still to watch it because they were so eager for the white flakes to start falling. Every three minutes someone ran to the back door to look out.

At last Aedan spotted the first of the fun around nine o'clock. It is a good thing, too, because I think someone was going to explode if it didn't happen soon.

I was still trying to watch the movie when I realized half the kids were gone. They were putting on their woolens to head outside. Yes, that is their pajamas they are wearing. But do not fret. They put their gloves on!

Elisabeth saw everyone else bundling up and decided she should be allowed to go along. Which of course we let her because how do you say no to that look of anticipation?
They played outdoors until after 11 when finally the fact that they were wearing nothing but pajamas must have caught up with them.

But they didn't forget the snow. First thing in the morning they were all in our bed watching it pile up on the road beside our house and the deck off of our bedroom.

We were sorry we couldn't have brunch with our friends as planned since neither of us would be able to get our vehicles out of the driveway. We went on anyway, since everything was made and we had to eat breakfast, after all.

Cranberry and walnut pannetone, sage sausage, fresh squeezed orange juice...

and a fruit platter Brianna made the day before. Perfect to fill hungry tummies before some fun in the snow.

There was already nearly a foot by breakfast.

And it still kept coming down.

The cat was shivering and for a rare occassion we brought her in and locked her in the basement where her allergens could be contained and my birds protected. She is the sweetest cat and settled on her blanket and stayed their the rest of the day. The kids were so excited. Sam tucked her in with him woof-woof and blanket. Noel didn't seem to mind.
While the others preferred to play in the snow, I enjoyed the view out the front window.

And this one of the front yard.

Than measuring. It was about 18 inches at this point. Pay close attention to the peppermint lights. You will see them later.

The view out my back window.

Elisabeth ready to go out in the snow.

Emma and the other children ferried the Princess around the yard in the sled since it was getting too deep for her to walk. Just after this picture was taken she slid out the back of the sled. Which she didn't object to that time or the next 15 times it happened. She did get a little upset when she hit a bank and fell face first into the snow.

Later, after long naps, Pa's famous pasta and some of my egg nog experiment (see future post) everyone headed out for some more fun. See how tall it is now? The children measured it at about 2 1/2 feet but I think maybe more like 2. It was hard to really be accurate because of the drifts. Now, remember those candy light things? Can you see them glowing under the snow?

This used to be where Allen's car was parked.

Mine almost got lost, too.

I love the Christmas lights in the snow.

I was surprised it didn't topple off of the deck rail. Especially since the wind became strong at times.

That is Nathaniel making tunnels.

See it is past Emma's knees. Those big things were the holly bushes.
The kids and Allen dug a path all the way around the house.

Brianna likes to eat Christmas snow flakes because they are the freshest.

Notice how far up the fence it is?

Those are the spotlights on the back of the house!

I wouldn't let Elisabeth out tonight since it was so cold, windy and much too deep for her. It was killing her to not be out with everyone else. She stood at the kitchen window shouting out to them. See what she is still holding?

Allen took this picture and I think it is just gorgeous.

After the youngers finally calmed down enough to go to sleep. The snow finally let up. It was steady for 24 hours. Anyway, the girls sat down by the fire with us and we popped in a video that a friend had loaned us. It was nearing Midnight by the time it was over and I was dozing off on the couch. Some surprise there, eh?

Allen said he had to get some wood and did I want to walk with him. I love to walk in the snow, especially at night. But I was in my nightgown and really tired so I said no, not tonight. The girls were not hearing about it. They said, oh mom but you can welcome your anniversary in the snow with the moon.... I still was too drowsy to be convinced. Well, before I knew what was happening they were stuffing my feet into socks. I started laughing so hard that I couldn't even move. Needless to say, I ended up in Kaitlin's ski suit and heading out for a romantic walk along that path they shoveled. I am glad they pushed me into.

Now, here is something I love about our neighbors. While we were sitting around the kitchen table this morning, Allen asked who that man was in our driveway. And there he was, our neighbor clearing the way for us.

It truly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!



  1. Oh how pretty. But really surreal. I'm sitting in a t-shirt with all the doors open ... the kids are still in their cossies at 9pm holding their options open for another swim.

    And I am so glad our children 'convince' us to do the 'odd' sometimes. Best memories.

  2. Beautiful! Ms. Elisabeth has got it made!!
    Merry Christmas and GOD BLESS,

  3. Wow...when you people have snow - you have snow!! That looks wonderful from over here. It's cold here and it has snowed a couple of times, but nothing like that. Your place reminds me of Japan. Lots of snow over there, too.
    Hope you are having a wonderful time with Allen home on vacation!

  4. Gosh!!!!! The pictures are great. I love the snow. I can’t wait until my little one can see snow. We live in Florida so snow is not in our future.