December 11, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder...

What do the neighbors think?

Do you know what? Boy's have a lot of energy. And sometimes, after being cooped up indoors for a while, they have to go run and work hard-even if there is no point to it-just to burn off the energy and prevent someone from losing their mind.

Tuesday night dinner was all ready when Allen called to say he would be late. And then again to say he would be even later. All in all, he ended up being a couple of hours late. We really try to always eat meals together, especially on Tuesday and Thursday evenings since we are out for class on Monday night and Allen is out of town on Wednesdays. So, I held dinner. And everyone milled about getting hungrier and more restless.

At last, even though it was cold and dark, I finally sent the boys out doors to do a few chores which included carrying firewood to the rack where we stack it by the back door. They excitedly grabbed their boots and coats and took off.

Now, one of the jobs I gave them, was to walk around the yard and collect the hats and scarves off of the ten or so snowmen left from the weekend. I knew we were expecting some pretty good storms that night and didn't want to lose all our woolens. A bunch of stuff happened all at once after that, like Allen coming home and putting dinner on the table and other what-nots. The woolens were forgotten.

Until Wednesday morning when I was running to the car in a hurry to get to an appointment. I looked up and spotted this.

Between funerals in the front yard and people wandering around in their nightgowns I often wonder what the neighbors must think. And now this? I know these are not very good pictures. I was quite a distance away and wearing my high heeled boots so I didn't want to wander into the yard which is very muddy from the storm the night before. But can you tell what that is?

They had to actually work and plan to make this happen, those three little boys! See the five gallon grain buckets turned upside down that they used to climb on?

Do you remember I told you a long time ago, about the curious things that happen when boys keep house?

And in case you don't think us peculiar enough... we took Elisabeth, Samuel and Emma Rose on a date to do some Christmas shopping last night. I had to go on ahead for some appoinments and errands of my own. After nap he brought the children and met me. When I looked at how Elisabeth was dressed I found out this is what happens when pink fur meets pink boots. Aunt Dawn are you ready for this?

And while you are at it... look what happens when an almost two year old helps to dress herself? Di do you see Aunt Jean in her future?



  1. Nicely written, Mom. Very clever if you (☺) do say so yourself...

    Love You!


  2. p.s."we can descride goo in three words. Pink, Bling, and furry." (notice the "B" in bling in caps.)


  3. Kat,

    I love this post! It just shows that kids are amazing and truly just don't care at all what people may think of their unique outfits! I think she looks adorable and you got it on film!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. LOL...I love that last picture of Ellie! She looks like my two little girls. The funny thing is that A.M. found one flip-flop in a box of shoes and was wearing around the ONE flip-flop yesterday. So funny!

  5. haha... I totally relate to the "what do the neighbours think" post... granted, I am the mother of a child with a penchant for peeing out the window. ;) I LOVE the picture of Ellie all dressed up - what great fashion sense!

  6. Oh dear heavens ... all she needs is some bright red lipstick now!