December 12, 2009

You Add Sunshine To My Day

I have a number of awards dating as far back to my vacation in October that I have not posted. This should in no way imply that I am not grateful for those blessings, just that there are a few things happening around here. I am going to be putting them up as I have time over the next few days. Thank you ladies for thinking of me and thanks to those of you who give of your time to bless us with laughter, encouragement and words of wisdom through your blogs.

Kat at Heart 2 Heart awarded me the You add sunshine to my day award. Kat is very encouraging friend who adds sunshine to everyone's day both with her God centered blog posts and her encouraging comments.

I would like to award the following:




  1. thank you. what a honor! i love your blog for a variety of reasons. But especially, no matter how hard or busy life gets, you keep your wits about you. As we start to homeschool our family, I come here for reassurance!

  2. awww thanks Kat! that is sooo sweet of you :) sorry if i came here late :( but i'd like you to know that I appreciate this so much!

    lotsa hugs,