January 8, 2010

Did You Have Something To Say?

Can you believe that sometimes things get a little loud and chaotic at our dinner table? Even though we work hard to teach the children manners such as to not talk with food in their mouth, to not interrupt each other and to not shout over each other, somehow it does, once in a while, in a very rare blue moon, it does, I am not making this up get a little itty bit rambunctious, silly and hard to carry on a conversation. It is true. I swear it.

OK. Well, maybe, and I know this is even harder to believe, but perhaps it is more like once in a while we, the almost perfect parents (ha!) are in a poor mood and don't feel like listening to it.

On one such night, we instructed the children that since they could not talk one at a time, for the rest of the meal they would have to raise their hands if they wanted to speak and wait to be called on. Our hope was that it would train them to be more polite toward one another.

Hands flew in all directions and as ring masters we spent the dinner time going around the table calling on children one by one and having a wonderful and thought provoking conversation. Of course, it took a bit of time to get around the table for everyone to have their turn. We finally finished the circle from Allen's left and to Sam at his right hand. The child had been sitting patiently for at least twenty minutes, when Allen called on him and said, "Sam, do you have something to say?"

After all that wait can you imagine what Samuel replied? "No, I just want to talk."

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  1. Too Funny! HA!HA!

    My 5 are probably just as noisy as your 7!
    My Adam is still just a big boy at heart and when he's here, he gets the younger ones going...they are noisier then than when he's not eating with them...can you believe it? Sigh...


  2. Hope,

    I would believe it, as a matter of fact. My big boy, also known as Pa, is the same way. I always tell him how quiet and calm meal time is on the nights he is away. Not that I would trade it for the world.



  3. that is so funny! and sounds like our supper table!

  4. Oh that is so funny! Poor thing. LOL! I may have to try that sometime just for fun.
    Happy Friday

  5. Kat,

    You know you just got to love him for the effort he made and wanting to participate with all of you.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. oh, that's hilarious. our table is usually anything but quiet. But someday all too soon, all 4 will be grown and moved away. (we try to teach manners.. but we let them be kids too)

  7. Glad he got his turn! :) I only have two daughters, but it still sometimes seems like they're both trying to talk at once!

  8. So funny!!! We've resorted to the raising hands thing a few times when everyone tries to talk at once and can't seem to contain themselves. :)