January 19, 2010

Heidi, This One's For You!

Long, long ago (think, we only had two children then), in a galaxy far, far away (well, when we lived in our old house anyway) my sister invited a friend, who happened to be Canadian, to come stay with us. I have no idea what her nationality has to do with anything but I love her accent. This friend, who shall remain nameless in order to protect her anonymity, turned out to be quite darling, despite some odd quirks and a fascination with moose sausage. We quickly fell in love with her and adopted her as one of the family. We nicknamed her our little Canuck and since she is the only Canadian we know we also gave her the honour of being our favorite Canuck. Isn't that nice of us?

Now, another integral part of this story happens to be mushrooms. You should know that my hubby LOVES mushrooms. Which is funny, since he is a very picky eater and mushrooms are something that many people do not like. You would think that a picky eater would have an aversion to them, right? Anyway, he happens to think mushrooms belong in and on top of everything. I try to accommodate him. Take for example our annual Thanksgiving dinner. We have dressing with sausage and mushrooms as well as mushroom gravy and an appetizer of stuffed mushrooms every year.

Which as it turns out, not everyone likes mushrooms in their dressing and gravy. The first year we belonged to our little church, our Pastor's family was visiting relatives in Texas over the Thanksgiving holiday. We invited him to come dine with us. I was touched when he showed up with flowers and a plate of celery he had stuffed with cheese whiz. As we sat down to dinner, Allen was so excited about the choice of victuals that he could hardly contain it as he said, "Pastor, I sure hope you enjoy mushrooms!" Allen delights in them so much that it never occurred that someone might not.

One of the things I love about our Pastor is that he never minces words. He says exactly what he thinks. He is really an Italian in a German body. That particular day though, my heart sank as I took something out of the oven and heard him say, "Well, actually..." You can fill in the blank, my friends. Here we were honoured to have our friend share the holiday with us and I had spent the day cooking a meal he hated!

Believe it or not, that didn't stop him from celebrating a number of other Thanksgivings with us. Although, the following Thanksgiving when the whole family came Mrs. Pastor brought an entire meal cooked just for him. The rest of the family ate my cooking, by the way and came back for more the next year, too. (I had to make sure you know that I am not a lousy cook.)

Oh, so you are wondering what mushrooms have to do with my Canuck, right? Well, here it is. I don't think you should serve mushrooms when you have someone to dinner the first time. (Hope, don't worry, I will not serve mushrooms next Sunday.) And here is why.

When our Canuck came to visit for the first time, we were sitting at the table having a lovely mature conversation. (Well, ok, so we were laughing and carrying on and cracking jokes) when all of a sudden something comes flying by my head at the speed of light. All conversation came to a halt as Allen, Di and I whipped our heads around toward the living room to find out what the projectile was.

Our guest was going to enlighten us soon enough, though. Heidi (Ok. So I lied about the nameless part) didn't bat and eyelash as she said, "Are those mushrooms in there?"

This is part of the Mom's 30 minute blog challenge.



  1. That's funny! I happen to believe that mushrooms were part of the curse......jk!!!

  2. I think you're hallucinating, Kat... I have no recollection of this event!!

  3. We like mushrooms around here also...

    Never gave much thought for using them as projectiles though...LOL

    Might be fun!!!!!!

  4. I love mushrooms too, except for that short time when Mike Rowe decided to visit a mushroom factory on his Dirty Jobs show. Then I couldn't eat them, but I'm over that now and love them again.

    The pastor not liking the mushrooms but returning next year with a meal of his own already cooked cracks me up!

  5. Thanks for sharing this funny story today. I hate mushrooms. I can't even force myself to eat them. My husband loves them so whenever we go out for a meal he overdoses on them, garlic mushrooms are his favorite.

  6. Oh how funny! I love mushrooms, so your Thanksgiving dinner sounds absolutely delicious to me!

  7. Very Funny 30 Minutes... totally love mushrooms and never occurred to me to serve/not to serve them!!!

  8. I used to throw the mushrooms but now I love them! Great story
    -stoppin' by from Once Upon a Miracle

  9. Ha ha ha ha ha! I never thought to throw them either!

    And I am actually still a bit stunned by your pastor's "initiative" in bringing his own meal, LOL. Course, I wouldn't blame people for doing that at my house, but... :)

    Thanks for linking up! Now if that had turned into a full-fledged food fight, pictures would have been in order!

  10. PS. I'd just like to add, I don't *think* I threw the mushroom. I believe I attempted to stab it with my fork and it slipped. Or something. Not that I have any recollection of the event. ;)

  11. I have to agree with the Pastor on this food item. lol My husband and I do eat a lot of garlic (insert bad breathe joke here) and I always forget when we have guests that I need to tone it down. Espcially my dad who eats everything very bland.

  12. Stopping by from Once Upon a Miracle...

    I abhor mushrooms. I can sniff them out in any recipe, so that story might as well have been about me!

    Cute story!

  13. I love mushrooms, but I don't put them in everything. I would eat your cooking for sure.
    Cute story.

    I see Hope mentioned here and I see she comments on your blog. I cannot get into her blog anymore and I haven't seen her anywhere until today.

    Please tell Her "Hello" for me and that I miss her. Can she drop me a message on Facebook or on my blog? I'd love to hear from her.
    She was one of my first followers and she would leave comments all the time. I do miss her so much.

    have a great weekend,

  14. Thanks, Kat. I hope Hope starts blogging again.

    If not I know I have been blessed to have known her.