January 16, 2010

How Do You Make Little Boys Move FAST?

Sam is very slow to wake up, preferring to put his robe on and cuddle a while before he gets his day going. At four years old, I am glad that he appreciates the little luxuries that will elude him when he is a husband and father.

This Thursday, he came out while the sun was starting up and I was fixing breakfast. He sat on the stool I keep in the kitchen for the youngers to sit on while I work. I tried to carry on some chatter with him, but his little self was not ready to take part yet.

As I turned to crack and egg in the skillet all of a sudden he jumped up as if his rump was on fire and ran so fast I don't think I saw him move. I heard his shout though. "TRASH TRUCK!"

Aedan heard it, too, and they were both at the window watching the most exciting part of their week, before my egg shell made it to the waste basket.

I walked out to see the fun and this is the conversation that was taking place.

Trash man throws the can to the side.
Samuel: "He is not as friendly as the other man."
Aedan: "No, and he isn't even wearing a Santa hat."

They reminded me just of two little old men.

I am going to miss the moments when the three minutes the trash truck stops in front of our house is the highlight of my little boys life.

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  1. Oh that is so sweet! That is such an innocent moment to cherish! They are so cute! I hope they enjoy that special part of their morning each week for a long time :)

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Such cute little guys! Their little conversation was adorable. There is something about boys and garbage trucks. My boys have done that in the past, but never notice them now. I think it's because they are usually working on school in one room and can't hear when they come.

  3. Isn't it sweet when they have little conversations? :) I just love that!

  4. Hey. Just going through old comments and thought I'd stop by :D

  5. I love your thought that they reminded you of two little old men - it is a perfect fit for the scene you witnessed! How unbearably sweet!

  6. your two lil' ol' men are so cute,and that man must not be nice cause' he didn't even wear a santa hat!lol

  7. Hi, Kat~

    Oh, to be excited over the little things in life....PRECIOUS!


  8. How so cute, to carry this kind of conversation.

  9. I love this! Ezekiel is not a fan of the garbage man. He stands at the window and yells at him - "Hey! You come back here! That's MY garbage!". My child has some major issues. ;)