January 22, 2010

Italian Funerals and Other Demented Stuff

I am joining Alicia at More than Words in her Friday Photo Flashback.

Today I have a picture of my cousin Gregory with Emma (6 years), Nathaniel (4) and Aedan (3). This was when we went to New Jersey for cousin Christopher, his brother's, funeral.

Now here is the thing about Italian funerals, don't think me cold, but they are really fun events, once you get past the fact that you are burying your loved one. For one thing, all the family gathers from the far reaches. It is really like a big family reunion, that we don't take time for otherwise.

And for another thing, when it comes to weddings and funerals, no one can put out a spread like my Italian relatives. So, yes, this was a very sad ocassion but in our odd demented Italian family way, we had some good times that week, also. One of those being, this is one of the few times my kids have seen cousin Gregory since he has spent most of his adult years in jail.

And while that sounds really awful, in his defense I must say that he is a really sweet guy, who unfortunately has made a lot of poor decisions.

Anyway, all that being said, and the fact that Emma and the boys were practically babies, you can understand why I love this photo.



  1. I can understand why you value this photo. Yes, some of my relatives made poor choices too. Come to think of it, I did too. But no, I didn't end up in jail. I also know what you mean about the Italian get togethers. I'm not Italian but I was married to one for 5 years and how true that was. We lived in Mt. Vernon, NY for a time and they even shut our street down for an Italian celebration. I really enjoyed it. BTW, I've been married to my husband now for 25 years and he's part Italian. There is something about those Italians that I must love. :)


  2. I'm not Italian but I love watching those big,fun Italian get-togethers on movies. Love that photo.

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. I feel so terrible that your post about a funeral made me LAUGH!! I'm married to an Italian and you hit the nail on the head girl!!! I'm sorry about the cousin - that is very sad, let's admit - but the chance it gives us to re-connect is one of the good things that comes out of it. LOVED this post!!! ♥

  4. I guess in a way you could just think of a funeral as a "celebration" of life. Great picture!

  5. Great picture. I would love to attend an Italian fest!

  6. That's a really cute picture! Looking at how grown up your kids are on your sidebar I can see why you treasure it so much. They're super cute! Love the name Emma Rose. My daughter is Caroline Rose.

    And despite, the whole burying of a loved one your Italian funeral soundsl like a good time!

  7. Makes total sense why this picture would be so sentimental to you!!!

    And yes, sometimes even a sad event as a funeral can turn out to be a huge reunion!!

  8. Cute photo...the kids look lovely dressed up. Glad to see they had time with a beloved cousin, regardless of his life choices. Love isn't about those.

  9. Hope that he is not in jail anymore. Your kids are so cute!

    I am too late for this but still catching up.

    Please check out the Music in Me when you have time.

  10. Hi ! I was wondering if you could be more specific about the way you eat,portion sizes ,or like maybe take pictures of your meals for a week??!please..

  11. I wish your cousin a good life!

    We just got back from Baltimore so I am late with my Helmet Head

  12. I can only say that I have seen Italian weddings and funerals in movies.

    This photo is so sweet! Sometimes, at a younger age, we make some bad decisions.