January 31, 2010

One Woman's Trash...

...Is Another Woman's Treasure.

Sometimes God blesses us with the desires of our hearts, even when we don't ask.

Last week, my mom was getting her hair done when the client in the chair next to her was talking about her long history as a seamstress. The beautician doing mom's hair said, "You know, Judy's daughter and granddaughters sew." One thing led to another and the discussion came around to the fact that this lady had been sewing for thirty-five years. In recent years her eyes have been going and she can no longer sew. After so many years behind the machine she has collected many sewing and quilting goods. She wanted to know, would Mom like to take it to us?

"Would I? I would gladly pay you for it," was Mom's response. The darling woman refused a penny and delivered two yard size trash bags to Mom at her next hair appointment. These bags were so enormous Allen could scarcely pick them up and the trunk of his car almost wouldn't close after they were stashed away.

We had a wondrous time digging in and sorting through the plunder. There was clothing fabric, quilting fabric, upholstery fabric

...and even a number of chair cushion forms.
Rubbermaids full of notions, buttons, zippers, bias tape, snaps, needles, snap tape, hooks and eyes...
Yards and yards of interfacing, quilt batting, 2 thread boxes with a rainbow of colors, quilting stencils and dresden plates, dress patterns, home decorating patterns...
... plenty to keep us busy with lots of fun through the winter and most of the summer, too.



  1. What a nice surprise. I got a sewing machine a couple years ago and it is my goal to use it this year. I have a done a couple simple things but I would love to get comfortable with it. Can't wait to see your projects!

  2. That was so generous of her. I look forward to see what you make out of it all.

  3. Wow! That's great, what a generous lady! Have fun with your new treasures!

  4. Hello, everyone~

    Hope.....how DO you do those cute little musical notes? I LOVE IT!

    Kat, I absolutely LOVE to quilt and sew. The last time I was in PA, she gave me a huge lawn bag of material and such from a woman in her church. There was fleece galore! Every time I make something, I think about that sweet woman....I can't help it!

    I can't wait to see what beautiful things you all will make!


  5. WOW...what a treasure. GOD is truly blessings!!

  6. Wo, that is sweet treasure! What a great blessing that was given to you because the woman can longer use it. So happy that your family received it and I look forward to seeing the things that are made.

    Happy Sunday!

    Carol xoxo

  7. How fab! If u r not intending to use the quilt batting would u consider donating it to me. I make quilts for Quilts for Kids, Quilts With Love and Threads of Love. I have to supply my own batting and it gets to be very expensive for a person that is unemployed. Please let me hear from you. What a wonderful lady to send all those goodies your way! luv redtosew ypmart1@yahoo.com

  8. Oh my goodness, you guys hit the jackpot in sewing goods!!!!

  9. Wow - happy sewing! I so love to sew in what little time I have. Signed up to follow you too! Thanks! <>< Nicole

  10. That is so cool. I can't wait to see all the fun projects you do with those things. Awesome

  11. I just love when that happens!!! I can't wait to find out what you create with all your goodies!!!

    -Alisa Hope

  12. Oh wow! My dream come true - to you! :) What a blessing!

  13. That is awesome! Make sure you post all the great things you make! I am looking forward to seeing them!

  14. Wow, how amazing!

  15. My oh my! I love sewing and quilting, so this definitely would have been a fun treasure to discover.

    Blessings & Aloha!