January 9, 2010

Profile Of A Birthday Boy

In honor of Than's 8th birthday today, we have been granted permission to view his classified profile. We invite you to come with us and get a chance to meet fourth born, Nathaniel.

Name: Nathaniel Louis Wachter

Alias(s): Than, Caspian X, Mr. Tumnas, Henry, Teddy,

D.O.B.: 1/9/02

Age: 8

Weight: 51 lbs.

Height: 47 in.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Distinguishing Features: Very Helpful, Gives Good Hugs, Careful, Thorough

Favorite Book: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Favorite Movie: Coconuts (It's A Wonderful Life)

Favorite Food(s): Artichokes, Kiwi, Berries, Ribs, Salad, Steak

Favorite Bible Verse: Luke 2

Favorite Bible Character: God

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Sport: Football

Favorite Team: St. Louis Rams

Favorite Place: Undisclosed Beach Location, Disney World

Favorite Disney Ride: Space Mountain

Hero: Pa

Things He Loves: Tractors, Cars, Trucks, Dinosaurs, Blue Bears, Models, Acting, Setting Up The Pool, Painting, Building, Trains, Playing Dolls, Narnia, Box Car Children, Piano, Animals, School, Stink Bugs

Things He Hates: Snakes, Mice, Rats

Accomplishments: Formed the "Louis Club" that has reached a total of four members.

In our families tradition we share things we admire about Than:

Pa: " I admire his loyalty, and the fact that he is a Rams fan."

Mama: " I admire his gentle nature. He is concerned about everything and even saves the stink bugs. He is also incredibly careful about whatever he is doing. Writing, building or making his bed all require his best effort.

KK: " I admire his mechanical mind."

Nana: " I admire the way Than leads and looks out for Aedan, Sam, and Ellie."

Emma: " I admire the way he builds things"

Aedan: "He is diligent."

Sam: "I like it when he helps me with my chores and school."

Ellie: " I admire the way he knows how to choose good bling. And I know his future wife will admire this too."

And our birthday blessings we claim for the new year

Pa: "My blessing would be that he would grow in knowledge and understanding of the Lord, that he would apply Biblical principals to his life and heart, and that his team win more then one game next year."

Mama: "My blessing would be that this year, he would claim Jesus as his savior."

K.K.: " My blessing is that he would learn that every good idea is not always from him, and that he would continue to develop his creativity."

Nana: "My blessing would be that he would continue to look up and admire Pa, and for a winning 2010 season for the Rams. "

Emma: "My blessing is that he would learn to share better."

Aedan: "My blessing is that he would become a wiser man in God."

Sam: " That he will play Narnia with me next year."

Ellie: "My blessing would be that he would continue to bestow me with pink fur and bling."

And last, but not least, for those who know how important birthday menus are here in Wachter world:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs (mushrooms, peppers, onions), bacon, orange juice, red apples
toast with butter, tea

Lunch: bean burritos, red apples, glazed carrots,

Dinner: Greek salad, sparkling cider, baked potatoes, ribs

Cake: Blueberry with a blue bear on the on top

Dish Night At The Wachter's Pizza and Movie: salami and extra cheese pizza "Wall-E"



  1. Happy Birthday Than! You sound like a very special young man. We are a little alike. I love artichokes and I greatly dislike mice and rats. Hope you have a blessed Birthday and this next year draws you closer to your Heavenly Father and wiser in HIS word and ways.

    Blessings and prayers,

  2. I love this profile idea. Happy Birthday to your son!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Mr Tumnas! I hope you have a wonderful year!

  4. Happy Birthday Than! - From the T gang in TN.

  5. Well Happy Birthday Nathaniel and BTW today is my daughter's 12 the birthday!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Nathaniel!!! All of our family is so happy to know you and to have you as our friend!

  7. Happy Birthday, great to know him better.

  8. Happy Birthday Than! I already left you a note on Nana's blog, but I just wanted to say here that my favorite movie (or one of them at least) is "Coconuts" too!! :)