January 10, 2010

Rocks on My Car Seat

I am joining Pam in her great little carnival. I can not remember when I first saw this, but I do remember how wonderful I thought it was. Even though, I have always wanted to do and had every intention of doing it, somehow I see in my archives I have joined in just ONCE. So here it is and I am going to try to jump in at least one Sunday a month for the rest of this year. Because, I am certain, that there are many things that I will one day miss.

My boys love rocks. They will admire even the most common one with the delight of a jeweler who has at last got his hands on the hope diamond.

Church on Sunday morning is an exciting time for our boys. I must apologize to our wonderful Pastors, but unfortunately it is not the preaching that gets them really worked up. It is the rocks in the parking lot. They love to dig through the gravel, which all looks the same to me by the way, and dig out the extra special rock.

We had to make a rule that they could only do this after worship and only if they sat still and paid attention to the sermon. I don't know if it is the spirit drawing them or the rocks that lure them, but they hold up their end most of the time.

After all that they pick out the very best one and what do you think they do with it?

They give it to me.

We had to put a cap on one rock a week, as it seemed wrong to drain the church of its gravel. If I stop to talk to one of the ladies they put them on the seat for me. In the autumn there might be pine cones from the trees lining the parking lot or even newly fallen leaves.

When I climb up in the seat, I ooh and ah over each one trying to find something unique to comment on and then pile the rocks on the dashboard. One day I about died laughing in agreement when Allen commented on how it looked like an offering to the suburban god.

When they start rolling around on the dash, I usually end up stuffing them in the cup holders or ash tray. Isn't it good that I found a use for that?

After a few weeks all the cubbyholes get full. Then when no one is looking, I drop them back into the parking lot. This may sound deceitful, but I hate to discourage them or worse miss out on that joy in their hearts when I climb in the car and three happy voices shout, "Mama, did you find the rock I got for you?"

The point is, rocks hold little importance to me, except the kind that goes "bling" but I sure am going to miss little boys who search for what they consider the greatest treasure in the world and then selflessly bestow it on me because I am the woman who is the center of their world.



  1. I love this! My pockets are always full of little boy "treasures"... I know it's time to clean them out when it takes me four pocket dives to find my keys amidst the pinecones, rocks, bottlecaps, etc. ;)

  2. This is so cute. My twins do that kind of thing often and lovingly say, "Here Mom, this is for you." The funny thing is that it can be a leaf, a rock, a paper clip, a pine cone, anything! They just love their mama and want to bestow a gift of any sort upon her. It's a boy thing.

  3. Too cute. I am always getting tiny scraps of paper that SM cut at school. LOL

  4. Don't you love that about little boys? And you know, you'll never forget that, even when *their* little boys are hunting for rocks.

  5. That is so sweet!! I love how you tell this! Glad you linked up this week and am glad you want to come back!! I look forward to reading more!