January 12, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

Today is a collection of fun moments that don't fit into a post but were too fun not to share.

New Year's Day brunch complete with crackers.

Now, I am sure that I could get in trouble for this, but I trust you all to keep it just between us. Allen removed the lid from my trunk to repair a crack. That night the kids asked to sleep in the living room. We heard a commotion and came to find out that it was about a debate over who got to sleep in the trunk. I am not kidding. Look here's the proof, my kid in the box.
Samuel was thrilled to see the Raven's in the playoffs. He ran and changed into his Raven's shirt so they would win. Look how into the game he was. For those who care, they did win. Which means the Arizona Cardinals (Allen's alternate team... because he loves Kurt Warner) and Brianna and Sam's team will both be advancing next week. Allen is happy that his team, the Rams, while they won exactly one game this season, will at least be getting the first draft pick this year. Isn't it great that he can see the bright side of things?
What's the matter, Pa, are all those candles too bright?
Because there always has to be a picture of Elisabeth, here she is when she discovered she loves olives, Uncle Ben.
This post is part of the Mom's 30 minute blog challenge.



  1. Kat,

    I saw your title and got confused. Why? Because I just wrote a post with the same title, then changed it at the end because I only wrote about one topic, and then l saw yours. Great minds think alike my dear. :-)

    I like Allen's birthday cake that's too bright for your children's eyes. Nice glasses. Were they the same glasses that make lights twinkle and stuff?

  2. I love the trunk picture. Kids are sooooo fun.

  3. Hi there, love your 30 minute post, snapshot of fun. Especially your New Year - great pic!!!