January 29, 2010

Who is that Fat Little Blob?

Today I am joining Alicia at More Than Words in her Friday Photo Flashback. We have had this picture sitting around for years. It got misplaced when we moved and ended up in a box in the attic. When we found it unfortunately, the humidity up there had caused it to stick to the glass in the frame. I tried desperately to get it out without damaging it but couldn't get it lose and even tore it a little. So we have been staring at it for years trying to figure out what to do. Allen scanned it last week and considering it is almost 40 years old and torn and stuck to the glass, I think it actually came out rather well. I am going to try to have it printed so I can add it to our family portraits in the hall way. This is one of the few photos from my child hood that survived my parents divorce in one piece. Can you guess who it might be? Of course, I gave it away. This is me with my older brother, Frank. Does he remind you of anyone?

That was in 1972. In 1992 we had this photo taken of Frank's son, Brandon, and Kaitlin.

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  1. Oh my!!! He is the splitting image of his father!! Such a cute photo of both of you!!

    I treasure my baby pictures too because my parents got divorced when I was 10 years old. I love reminiscing on my pictures from the times they were married.

  2. Wow; Brandon and Frank look so much alike. How cute that it! Thanks for sharing these photos today. You were an adorable baby too.


  3. Hello Dear Kat,

    I haven't been around much and am glad to be getting back to see how my friends are doing.

    I'm so glad that Allen found a way to save that photo of you and your brother. What would we do without all of the electronics that have been made in recent years?

    Kaitlin was a gorgeous little baby. And she's a beautiful young lady now.

    Hugs & Blessings,

  4. Whoa, my parents were divorced too - what a theme today! ha ha (well not really ha ha, but you know what I mean). That picture is just priceless - what a spittin' image! OK, I love your idea of scanning the picture. I wonder if then you could upload it to Walgreens and have it made into a print again? That happened to my son's graduation picture - it stuck to the frame and started to tear, so maybe I'll scan it and see what happens. Have a great weekend ~ ♥

  5. These are the sweetest pictures! There is something about those baby pictures...just adorable!

  6. Such cute pics!! He's about my age and his son is the same age as my oldest lol.

    Thanks for sharing...you have a new follower:)

  7. I love the concept and these pictures! Amazing similarities indeed ;-)

  8. Old pictures are so fun to find :)
    Has anyone ever told you that little Kaitlin looks like Sam?

  9. What precious pictures! I love how he and his soon look alike, such pretty eyes. We don't have many pictures of my babyhood either, but that's because my parents just didn't take many pictures, either to busy or maybe just couldn't afford it. I don't know.

  10. I love the picture of you and your brother...priceless. (I don't have much that survived the divorces, either.) Photoshop does wonders for restoring damaged and discolored older pictures...you might want to try it.

  11. How precious are those photos.
    I love looking at old photos of our children. I also love seeing how much thy look alike.

  12. What cute pictures. I love looking at the old pictures of me and my brother...so many memories.