February 22, 2010

Bagels-friend or foe?

In our house you get to pick the menus on your birthday. For my birthday I chose Lox and Bagels for lunch. My well meaning hubby was trying to reduce the amount of work I had to do for my celebration and was going to pick up bagels instead of me making them.

The problem was, a snow storm was in the forecast. Around here, when snow is forecast, there is a mad rush for bread and paper products. I can not imagine how people can not make it through one or two days without such. If there wasn't snow in the forecast would everyone need to run to the store??? Oh, sorry, that is another post.

So my hubby went to our favorite bakery to get a dozen fresh baked bagels. Only they were sold out. So he went to both organic markets. Sold out. Next the grocery store bakeries. Sold out. As a last resort he went to the freezer section of the market and grabbed a couple of bags of Lender's Bagels.

I have to give him an A for effort, but when I read the package I started a batch of homemade bagels in the mixer. I love this recipe, which you can find in this post. It takes no effort and no mess at all and they are the best tasting bagels you will ever eat. Go ahead, give it a try. If I am wrong, I have a few bags of Lender's Bagels for you.

Now, I hate to beat a dead horse but here it goes anyway. For those who have been following my health posts, let's take a look at these ingredients.


Now compare that to what is actually needed to make a bagel flour, sugar, salt, oil and yeast.

One of the big obstacles I hear to eating healthy is how expensive it is. Let's note that my bagels cost pennies to make and these Lender's cost a couple of dollars in the store. Mine taste better and are far better for you. Even for those who can't afford to go organic, just getting rid of these sort of items will make huge improvements in your diet and it won't hurt your budget either.

In fact, here's an interesting thought for you. Two bags of Lender's bagels is about the same as a gallon of organic milk. How much more could you buy organic if you simply made all your bread products at home from scratch??? Just something to think about.

Happy Monday!

This post is part of Steady Mom's 30 minute blog challenge.



  1. Well, you definitely have me thinking... I do have a bread machine and I have always wanted to start using it. Maybe I'll try your bagels. Oh, wait, bagels probably don't need a bread machine. hehe. Oh well, I'm going to check out the recipe.

  2. Kat,

    Hey friend. My life is crazy lately. I miss being a regular blogger and commenter, but soon enough, I'll get there.

    I copied your bagel recipe and will plan on making these some time. I know I always say that, but I mean it each time as well. My kids love bagels and they will be so happy to try ones that are actually good for them. Or maybe I'll be the happy one!


  3. That is a good thought. I need a bread maker:)

  4. Homemade bagels? OMG, that sounds fantastic! I'm ON it!!

  5. Kat,

    Oh you will never cease to amaze me at all the wonderful things you are doing to make things much more healthier for all of us. Thanks for sharing just how simple it can be.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. I will have to give your bagels a try. They sound easy enough, even for me!
    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  7. I can't wait to try this recipe. I had a recipe that was.. well.. was yucky, as my kids put it! :)

  8. OH! I just made bagels with my son. Here is the link to the blog post about it and it has the really easy recipe for them. Give it a try. I have never eaten a bagel so fast - than the one I pulled out warm from the oven. SOOOO GOOD! My goal is to now find a whole wheat version.


  9. Came over from SteadyMom and I'm looking forward to trying out your bagel recipe...maybe even today since the rain in coming down. thanks!

  10. You are my soul mate! I have been having nearly the same issue in my house!


    Bravo to you for making your own bagels!!