February 24, 2010

In Chaos There Is Opportunity

That was printed on the wrapper of one of those Dove dark chocolate hearts Allen gave me a few months ago. I thought it was so well suited to some incidents in our house that I hung it on the bulletin board in our kitchen.

Take for example what happened a few weeks ago.

The morning that the second snowstorm hit Maryland this February, we made a few calls to friends to be sure all was well and see if anyone was in need of anything before getting snowed in for a few more days. One friend who lives a bit off the beaten path, in Virginia, reported they had been without power for five days. This was not a huge inconvenience for them since they have a generator. However, after running it for so many days they were low on fuel. The husband decided to go out for more fuel before they were buried for five more days.

Being recent transplants from California, neither of their vehicles were four wheel drive so he was just a few yards from their garage when he got stuck and was unable to move even another foot. "No problem," Allen said, "We will run over the hill, fill our gas cans and be over in a few minutes." (For those of you who live in more urban areas, us hicks in the country keep a lot of gas cans around for lawn mowers, tractors and only God knows what else.)

Not being out of the house for several weeks, we decided it would be fun for all of us to go for a visit. Allen and the boys hopped in the Suburban to go to the filling station leaving us girls with instructions to be ready when they got home. Yes, sir! That gave us fifteen minutes.

Except that we were in our pajamas. With no makeup. I thought I should gather some groceries, too, as they must be getting low. Not to mention my hubby had been home for more than a week which meant my house had been seriously neglected. A good vacuum and a quickly tidy would be a pleasing thing to come home to. As we all took off down the hall to our various rooms we devised a plan shouting back and forth to each other.

To save time Kaitlin put her makeup bag by the door so she could do her face in the car. The next fifteen minutes went like this. Run-tidy boys' room-breakfast dishes-pull hair up-run-vacuum-lip stick-"Emma is Elisabeth with you?" Yes? "-run-vacuum-"better get some eggs"-braid Emma's hair-coat on Ellie-cat out- bird's in-vacuum-"I don't know where my boots are"-run-coffee off-potty Elisabeth-run-coat on- finish vacuum-"OH NO!"

Ellie discovered that in chaos there is opportunity. She found Kaitlin's makeup bag and while no one was watching decided to give herself a makeover. (Which is not really her fault because I let her play with my makeup while I do my face.) She didn't do half bad for a two year old. She knew right where to put the mascara.

She might need to work on the fine motor skills. We managed to finish the job, get the baby cleaned up and still be finished before the guys got home to fetch us. Not bad for a fifteen minute blitz, if I do say so myself.

But I did forget those eggs.


  1. You know, sometimes MY makeup sessions on myself turn out QUITE the same!

    Thanks for the laugh, and for this precious picture!

  2. Haha, that's so funny! Cute pic, you'll have to frame that one!

  3. Kat,

    Ah just reading this sounds like me most mornings. I love the pictures of Ellie and I give her a huge A for effort. She looks adorable anyway! You are a true blogger and great neighbors as well. I am sure all your efforts were much appreciated. We need lots more neighbors like that!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Aww....Ellie! When I put on mascara, that's usually what I look like after 15 minutes. That's why I stopped using it!! lol

    WOW! What we women can certainly get a LOT accomplished in only 15 minutes, can't we? :> )

    You are wonderful friends. I agree with Kat, we need more neighbors like YOU!


  5. if it had been me.. i'm sure i would have forgetten more than the eggs. what a darling lil girl! :)

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! You have truly made my day...thank you. I love your blog and reading about your world. Thank You !! Blessings! ~Amy

  7. I think she's prettier without makeup.