February 21, 2010

You All Are The Best!

Hello, my dear blogging friends.

I am so grateful for your prayers and well wishes in the last ten days or so. I am not sure what brought on such a severe migraine after so many years but after dealing with the pain and nausea for more than a week, I have a renewed sense of gratitude for being without them for almost eight years. Looking at the computer or a video seems to quickly take me from feeling pretty decent to sick very quickly even still today, which is why you've not seen much of me around here lately.

I have been using my energy to get my work done and move school in a forward direction. Actually, I have been wonderfully blessed that the children have been diligent to keep up with their studies and help each other so that they have managed to accomplish much.

Anyway, I certainly do NOT want to go on about my issues, I just wanted you to know I haven't abandoned you... just on a temporary forced hiatus. I feel better for longer spells every day and even made it to worship and lunch out with the family today. I am sure that this will quickly be a thing of the past and life will return to normal.

In the mean time, I know I owe Diann a post of baby food, a health post on why I chose a healthier lifestyle, a post of why I chose to home school and I think there was another request in there that is slipping my mind right now, but I have note of it on my computer and will be filling all those promised shortly. Also, dear Heather, there will be coming a series of posts on home school to answer all your questions. Anyone with questions, requests or comments to add to that post just leave me a note or drop me an email.

Last but not least... I feel so bad about skipping out on my health post this week... that I thought instead of my usual Not Me Monday I would put up a post I wrote a few weeks ago and saved for a future post. So stop by tomorrow for Bagels-friend or foe?



  1. Good to hear you're feeling better, Kat. I pray that you'll back to your old self again soon.

    Your kids are such good kids, taking care of each other and their studies while you are out of commission. You've done a good job, momma.

    Take care,

  2. I hope you continue to feel better.

    God bless you and your family, Ron

  3. Praying you continue to feel better.

  4. Still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. We've had a rough time here too, so I understand taking a break from blogging! I wonder if my 8 year old would take over for me? LOL! continue to get well.

  5. Bagels ... yummy. Hard on the digestion.

  6. I'm so glad you're starting to feel better. I hope you're completely back to normal soon!