February 27, 2010

You Know You Are A Homeschooler When...

Home schooling is a way of life. Learning becomes something you do all the time and in many unique ways. Schooling becomes part of the family experience and the family is the key to education. At first everything must be carefully considered and thought out and it is an effort to conform to your new status. Slowly we evolve into creatures we never thought we could be until one day you forget that you are home schoolers at all. It just becomes... part of your existence.

Once in a while, though, some little thing pops up to remind you that you have chosen a different path. At times when those tid bits come to the forefront, you might even shock yourself.

For example, when someone asks our children about their pet dog and the children say, "We don't have a dog but we have pet... tadpoles, salamanders, lizards, caterpillars, butterflys, moths, stink bugs, prayingmantis, newts, frogs... you have to know that you are a homeschooler. Yes, you can tell a lot about a person by their pets.

When the kids ask why we have to have the cat fixed instead of letting her have kittens and before you know it you spend a half hour doing math on the white board to demonstrate how many cats we would have had in seven years if we would have allowed the cat to breed at will. And then you write in the lesson book, "Math lesson on exponents." You could be accurately accused of being a homeschooler.

When the lizard gets lose and the entire afternoon is interrupted trying to capture her... and you can't understand why some people think it is icky to have a reptile at large... well, you must be a homeschooler.

When the pet lizard dies and there happens to be five feet of snow on the ground so the kids can't bury him... you tell them to put the reptile in a box and put the box in a zip lock bag and put it in the freezer next to the OTHER dead lizard from last week until the ground thaws... you must admit that you are a homeschooler.

When you come home one day and tuck your four year old in for a nap and suddenly hear him shouting with an enthusiasm reserved for Christmas morning about all those neat things crawling on his bureau... and you run to his room to see what blight has taken over your home... and it happens to be that his pet praying mantis has just hatched one thousand (YES, ONE THOUSAND) young... which happen to fit through the air holes of the tank... and you don't even bat an eyelash... and kids start running in every direction while shouting things like, "Should I get the vacuum?" and "Mom, look at those cool babies!"... you have to know that you are a homeschooler.

When the kids realize the mother praying mantis is dead (part of the hatching process) and the kids say, "Cool! We'll put her in the freezer, and have a triple funeral," it is likely you are homeschoolers.

Even if you could explain those all away in one way or another, there is no way to deny your homeschool status when you open your calendar to preview March and the first item you see is, "Order ants now that it is warm enough for them to be safely mailed."

This post is part of Steady Mom's Thirty minute blog challenge for moms.



  1. YES! I'm a homeschooler! This was just hilarous to me...and yet it reminded me how FULL OF TRUE life homeschooled children are...what a blessing it is...God is so good...I'm so thankful that He led me to preserve the spirits of my children by raising them His way, instead of the world's.
    Praying always,

  2. Oh.. this was hilarious.. i can see all the great things we have to look forward too :)

  3. Love it! Those are great! You are such a great mom and teacher!

  4. ROFLOL! ROFLOL! ROFLOL! Oh, my....I can't stop laughing on this one. I can just see the THOUSAND baby praying mantis' all over the wall and the kids yelling, "Let's stick it in the freezer!" Sounds like something I would do! :> )

    Oh, thank you, Kat....I so needed to laugh this morning!

    Blessings, precious one~

  5. Kat,

    All these have not happened to you have they? Yikes, I guess this is what happens when you have boys in your homeschooling group. I am thankful that both my girls would absolutely hate crawly things living indoors with us.

    The worst encounter we had was when a praying mantis was on the front door and our oldest daughter, Cait opened the front door. NICE SURPRISE!

    It was one of those very memorable moments.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Oh, Kat! Indeed, not only did all these things happen to me... they all happened in the last few weeks. No, there is never a dull moment in the old Wachter Wagon Homeschool!

    Love ya,


  7. Mom,
    While we all are crazy and life is chaotic and wild, at least we can all answer like Maxwell Smart Agent 86..."And Loving It!!"

  8. this makes me want to homeschool that much more!! (no sarcasm, what an adventure!) thanks for the laugh! :-)

  9. Hilarious! You are a much better biologist than I am. We *are* starting our study of insects now, though, so...

  10. Ha! Ha! Very funny & very true!

    All things that could happen at our house-well, except any that include reptiles. Nope, that is one thing my kiddos will have to do without!

  11. enjoyed reading your creative post!

  12. We are not homeschoolers, but this was still hilarious!

  13. Sounds like our house. Butterflies emerged from their cocoons this week . . . just in time for the praying mantis egg case to arrive.

  14. Ack! You just reminded me of the hamster in the freezer! (And must remember to order caterpillars next month.)

  15. Mercy, that is what we are headed for? Bring it! You make it sound so wonderfully fun...