March 3, 2010

And Still...

Yes, they are still working math problems. As of last night the Wachters had completed 873 drills for a total of 12,664 questions and scoring 10,725 points.

When Pa finished work last night, he jumped in to encourage them on and donated his laptop to the cause.

By the time I made my way down stairs this morning, there were already lots of little mathematicians hard at work.

If I had known in advance I would have alerted you all to this great opportunity for your students to boost their math skills while having fun, too.

I didn't find out myself until Friday night, when my folks brought the New York Times by to show me the article.

To find out about next year's competition go to and click on the 2011 tab.

My only complaint is that they did not allow enough servers to support their goal number of competitors so the server goes down periodically and does some funny things. (Which is how I managed to get to use my computer for a minute so I am not all that upset about it :) So if we were in it to win, which we have no illusions of, then it would really interfere with their overall score. Since we don't figure on placing, I welcome the opportunity to get some chores done.

And now until tomorrow we return to World Math Days...



  1. Wow. This is awesome!

    Hope you are doing well. Hugs, andrea

  2. Mama,
    Closing time for the day, and I think I'll dream in numbers tonight! Thanks for helping and encouraging us all along the way.

    Dear Readers of Art's Chili, let me tell you what this dear woman did all day today. If she saw us getting tired and losing a round or two, she brought us "brain food", hot tea, or a sweet treat.

    Our personal coach and trainer, Pa, was also a great help to us. If we lost a round, he went over what was wrong, or stood over us and talked us through the next round.
    Well, bedtime... more math tomorrow!

  3. Go Wachter team!!!!! Good luck!

  4. Great Job. Well Done to your team! They are so studious...if my three are half as studious I'll be doing well. Looks like you enjoyed time with the younger two though.