March 17, 2010

The Book That Turns Into A Car

Some people think I am an ok mom.  But the truth is that I have a terrible secret.  I've been lying to my son for months now.  Well, not exactly lying... just misleading a little.  Kind of letting him think one thing, even though I know the truth.

The fact of the matter is that a few years ago, for Christmas, his grandparents gave Sam this book.  With some complicated maneuvers, that only KK could figure out, the book turned into a truck that was big enough for him to sit in.  It didn't go anywhere or do anything... it just sat there for a few minutes until it tipped over. 

Just the same, for a few days, he loved it and played with it.  Then it went onto the shelf in the playroom and wasn't touched again.  I don't like for my children to have too many toys.  I think they appreciate what they have if they don't have too much of it.  They have more fun with just a few things rather than a bunch of stuff that overwhelms them.  I prefer to stick with basics, too.  Play dough, dolls, trains, crayons... that sort of thing.  That way they use their minds and imaginations.  No video games and a very limited number of things that require batteries are found in our house. 

There is just one or two rubber maids of toys allowed in the play room at one time aside from these "basics."  The rest is stored in the attic and if they want to get down the box of Lincoln logs they must put up the box of leggos.  Periodically, when switching things up, I go through the shelves in the play room and sort out things that the children don't play with. 

Sometime last fall in one of these cleaning out sessions, the book from the Christmas before was freecycled to someone in need of more toys than us.  I am not sure what brought it to his memory, but Sam who had not touched it for months, started looking for it somewhere in the neighborhood of last December.  About the time he asked for it, before I got a chance to say anything, Nathaniel and Aedan came through the room and heard him asking did I know where it was and one of them said, "It is probably in the attic."

Normally, I just tell my kids how it is.  I don't see much point in them getting attached to things.  I quickly and easily say, "You didn't play with it and so I gave it to someone else."  But not this time.  Because... Allen and the big girls, who knew full where the whereabouts of that book, started teasing and really egging the thing on so that I could no longer say I had given it away without looking like a complete heel.  So I took advantage of his belief that it was in the attic to escape the look of disappointment on his sweet little freckled face.  I was certain he would just forget about it and that would be the end of it. 

Which would have been fine, except he didn't.  And now, everytime someone goes into the attic, which is several times a week since that is the only storage in our house, Samuel asks them to get his "Book that turns into a car." 

I don't know how much longer I can dodge his inquiries.  It has been three months and I am beginning to think I might have to be posting a new listing of freecyle. 

Wanted:  1 Book that turns into a car.



  1. Oh my! I hope you do find one! His little happy face is too precious in that!

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that culls toys. I LOATHE gimmick toys, especially ones that make noise, and they usually find their way to charity pretty quickly. Usually I do the hard-core answer too but I think, in this case, I may even be pushed to find another similar one and do the "everlasting goldfish trick" - replace it when nobody was looking!

  3. Oh, he'll get over it. I mean you had no mercy giving my stuff away and look at me now! Well, don't look too close ☺