March 14, 2010

Can You Guess What We're Thinking About?

That's right.  There may still be snow on the ground but the talk around here is all about opening the pool and booking vacation... so what if it is not until September!



  1. You inspire me!! I'm going to put on a tropical shirt RIGHT now and just WILL summer to get here!! You guys look AWESOME!!

    Thanks for the lift!!

  2. My children were playing camp out with beach towels, bathing suits and sunglasses in my living room the other day. We are ready for warmer weather as well.

  3. We're ready here too! It was warm enough for them to play outside without coats the other day, five year old asked "can we go to Nana's and go swimming this afternoon?" While we are ready, the pool isn't quite ready just yet! (love those swimsuits!)

  4. How fun!!
    We are looking forward to warmer weather too.
    Also, I need to email you soon. My family could use some prayers.. things are happening here in FL and who knows.. we may meet in person some day soon :-)

    Sorry to confuse you with the blog switching. But I'm back on blogger now... just couldn't justify spending the money on wordpress anymore.

    Have a great day!

  5. Yikes, spring hasn't even sprung yet and you're already thinking about summer???

    WOW, I'm still dreaming of a white Christmas.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. haha.. that 1st pic cracks me up.. little ellie isn't too sure what she thinks :)

  7. Not summer so much, but we always book our vacation in March so we can get the house we prefer before it books. And then there was the bathing suit sale at Target… which if you don’t buy one in February here you can’t get one… go figure. So, the two combined and a very nice Spring day on Thursday…. 78-unusual this time of year around here- sure did get people thinker about warmer days!

    Hugs, my friend.


  8. the photos are so cute specially the 1st one with the little girl...really nice.

  9. Look at Ellie eying us crazy kooks up!