March 5, 2010


I almost never listen to the radio in the car. For one thing, we love to listen to audio books. For another, the news is so sensationalized, overwhelmingly depressing, and only about half of it is true anyway. If there is anything earth shattering that I should know about, Allen keeps me informed.

Yesterday morning when I got into the car to drive to town I was wondering what the weather would be for the weekend. A quick glance at the clock told me that it was almost 11:08 so I turned on WTOP because they do weather on the eights.

I got a great report of sunny and high forties for our field trip on Saturday. We have been trying to take this trip since the beginning of January, but sickness and snow have prevented it every weekend. Needless to say, I was happy for the forecast. Unfortunately, by the time it was over, I was on the highway.

With no kids in the car to turn the station or turn the radio off, I don't like to play with the knobs while I am driving, I was stuck listening to the news.

The gist of the first report was that Republicans have been fighting the health care bill all this time while the Democrats have been trying to push it through. Well, it seems that now the Democrats are also rising up against it because they removed language that would support funding for abortion.

The next story was how outraged people are at the unethical treatment of inspectors looking the other way when maimed animals were slaughtered for meat sales without being properly anesthetized so as to make sure they didn't suffer.

What kind of irony is that?



  1. isn't that soemthing?! i tend to avoid the news/headlines for the same reason. like you said.. if anything 'big' happens, I'll hear about it.
    My news flashes typically are these: Mom...JOhn's playing in the toilet.. :) happy saturday!

  2. It's been quite a challenge filling in that page on Gabriel's baby's book that says "things happening in the world the year you were born." I've got three items so far and only because I intentionally went looking for something to write.