April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Aedan!

I can NOT believe my sweet Aedan is turning seven.  It seems like just last week we brought him home from the hospital and sat under the cherry tree in full bloom admiring my darling little blondie with his dimples and blue eyes.
He has been a constant delight and joy to our family these seven years.  I can hardly imagine life without his careful way of life, deep thought, thoughtfulness and consideration toward others.  He is the hardest worker I have ever seen for a child his age who lives to honor his parents and more so the God he loves.

He is always pondering deep spiritual matters that seem far beyond his years and will share them with anyone who will listen, and sometimes even if they don't care to listen.  His genuine heart for the lost brings me to my knees time and time again.  There is nothing more humbling than being brought to conviction by a six year old.

So without further fuss, let me share with you the Wachter birthday blessings and praises on Aedan's seventh birthday.

Pa:  I am thankful for the love you have for your siblings, your parents and your God and the tenderness and concern you have for all others.  The blessing I claim for the new year is that you continue to grow in God's grace and that you never cease in growing your knowledge of God.

Mama:  I cherish Aedan's love for the Lord, desire to see all souls saved and delight in serving everyone around him.  His tenderness toward younger children, animals and God's creation are truly a marvel to behold.  I pray for Aedan to never lose those qualities that the Lord surely meant when He spoke of coming to Him with the heart of a child.  Love to my sweet boy, Mama

Emma Rose:  I praise his hard work.  He always does his best when he is asked to do something.  My blessing for him would be that he would continue to love God.

Kaitlin:  He is always willing to learn more about everything but especially the Bible.  My blessing would be that he never lose his curiosity.

Brianna:  My praise is for his discernment.  He thinks things through very well and comes up with a good solution for problems.  My blessing would be for him to always be the sweet little Joelie.

Samuel:  When something is broken and it is fixable he will come and fix it for me.

Elisabeth:  He gets excited to play with me, read to me or help me. 

Nathaniel:  I am blessed by how kind and generous he is.  I pray that he will continue to get wiser as he gets older. 


  1. Oh How Adorable :)
    I Loooove the photos.

    Happy Birthday Aedan :)

  2. Happy Birthday to you birthday boy! What a sweet boy! Love all of the pics of him in the flowering tree! They just grow up so very fast!

    BTW...love your new look!

  3. Hi,
    Just found your blog and what a blessing! Loved the photos and Happy Birthday to your son!
    Look forward to following you.Please do drop by my blog when you havetime-Days Touched By Grace and Simple Blessings.
    Blessings to you.

  4. *signals the band* ♫Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Aeden! Happy Birthday to you!♫

    Happy birthday Aeden! You sound like a lovely young man, and I can tell your family loves you very much!

    Many happy returns of the day,


  5. Happy birthday to your handsome AEDEN!!

    God's blessings as you celebrate his birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday!! (Our Katie turned 4 today also, how neat is that?!) :)

  7. Oh, he is PRECIOUS!