April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle Rice!

Meet my brother-in-law, husband to my sister, Diann, father to my darling nephew Gabriel. Whose name happens to be Ben. Which is quite unfortunate for him, since the kids could not resist making a connection between their Uncle Ben and the whole grain brown rice product we buy. Which led to him being nicknamed, "Uncle Ben."  His birthday was April 16th.  We are sending him a great big Wachter Happy Birthday wish!

In the tradition of the Wachter family, we wish to send him birthday blessings and praises.

Allen:  I pray that you continue to grow in your new role as father and that your children's children will call you blessed.  And that the dolphins will do at least as well as the Rams!  I am thankful that you took Diann off my hands ☺ No, seriously.  I am grateful for the love you have brought into her life.

Kat:  I love his good humor and desire to bring laughter to the hearts of those around him.  Although, one might question his sanity in making a choice to willing join a family such as ours.  His easy going spirit and ability to roll with the punches makes him an asset to the Wachter family and the wider Paternoster clan.  In the new year I wish him to seek the heart of our Lord for eternal life and guidance in leading his family.  Happy Birthday, dear brother of mine!

Kaitlin: Happy Birthday, Uncle Rice! My praise to you would be that you always are thinking of others, and your always willing to pitch in and help-such as at a family gathering. My blessing would be that God wold give you the wisdom, grace, and courage to raise your son in the admonition of the Lord. (see Ephesians 6:4b.)

Nathaniel: My blessing to you would be to pray that you would be saved. My praise is that he is fun to play cars with.

Emma Rose:  I appreciate his good sense of humor.  I hope that they will be moving back to the states very soon.

Aedan Joel:  I pray that he will follow God.  I hope that he will enjoy the rest of his time in Italy.

Elisabeth:  I am grateful for a new cousin... it's about time one of my Uncles got around to it!  ☺ Now I hope Uncle Ben will bring him back home soon so I can break him in right.

Brianna:  I appreciate the way he always takes time to listen to the little ones and gets excited about what they have to say.  My hope is that they would move back here *soon*

Samuel:  I am happy that he was kind to Mama when she came to Italy.  I pray for him to come back from Italy soon!



  1. Sending you Happy Birthday Wishes :)

  2. Happy Birthday Uncle Rice!!

  3. With keeping up with blog traditions, we're wishing him a Happy Birthday too! Happy Saturday! ~Amy

  4. What a beautiful post, Kat! So much love, right from the HEART!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Uncle Ben! :> )