April 28, 2010

Meet Fred

On Monday nights, Allen, Kaitlin, and I go to Bible class together and then have dinner out.  This has become our regular date night.  Just the three of us.  We always tease KK about being the third wheel.  I guess she decided she was going to even things up a bit.  This week she brought a date along.  Can you see Fred in there? 
It's hard to see him isn't it?  Sorry about that.  Allen had to take the picture with his blackberry as it was a rare occasion that my camera was not in my purse.  In case you missed it.  Fred is a tadpole.  And that is why we don't believe in dating.  You never know who (or what) you might end up sitting across the table from!

But boy am I happy that we have such a good-natured daughter that she doesn't care one bit if I post a picture of her and an amphibian on my blog.

And before someone asks... The reason we were hauling a tadpole around with us to class and dinner was because Aedan got a tank to raise tadpoles on his birthday.  But... the pet store just got them in on Monday and since I had to stop at the fabric store before class we decided to run in and pick it up for him.  And of course we didn't want to leave it sit in the car all evening alone since it was cold.  And no!  No one thought a thing about us walking around with a tadpole because everyone knows the Wachters are a little different.  No!  Even Bethany, our waitress who serves us every Monday night, didn't blink.  Instead she was giving us ideas for names.  So there you have it the newest addition to the Wachter live stock.



  1. Welcome and hi to Fred!

    I love the pictures out and about. Once when I had bought some new fish for our aquarium (which we no longer have due to my two year old continuously dumping toys and items into it...which culminated with him dropping the Leapster into it...which caused me to get rid of the tank...partially due to the fact that my babe Samuel was only 5 weeks old and I was, let's see, a bit emotional) ...back to the fish I bought. Anyways, I carried them in the shopping cart in Target. It was hilarious. People were stopping me to come see the baby fish!


  2. And before anyone asks...no I'm not going to kiss him hoping (or is hopping) he'll turn into a frog!! :}

  3. Cute. My kids would love him. :)

  4. Kat,

    So really your going to be raising frogs in no time right? Yikes! I love the name Fred however.

    Now that I think about it, I did some frog catching in my younger days but killed quite a few when I didn't realize that they didn't live in water only!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Hey, Kat~

    I LOVE IT! Oh, how we think alike. I never would have left poor Fred alone in the car either. lol

    What precious Monday night memories KK will have of you two to keep forever in her heart!