April 30, 2010

No Wonder Home School Kids Can't Add

The other evening, we were invited to dinner. Since it was my girl friend's birthday, her hubby was handling all the arrangements and cooking.  It is really funny when men plan an event.

For one thing, I didn't actually know we'd been invited until the afternoon before.  The fellows' communication is a little  more vague than us ladies.  On Monday, Terry called Allen to ask if he could stop by and pick up the gift he had shipped to our house.

Allen says, "Sure thing.  We won't be home because we have class but Brianna will be here and she knows where Kathleen put it."

Then Terry says, "Yeah.  Katrina's birthday is tomorrow so we'll probably have you all (he's from South Carolina so it's pronounced y'all)  over this weekend to cook out and stuff."  (Terry always says, "Stuff" at the end of a sentence.)

Allen, I am sure, said something like, "That sounds good.  Let us know what we should bring."

Note some things here.  No definitive day or time.  If Katrina and I had spoken then we would have had the date and time secure, checked our calendars to confirm it was OK and planned the entire menu before hanging up.   

Allen came home from work that evening and said, "Terry is stopping by to pick up Katrina's gift."  As an afterthought he added, "He mentioned they might have us over this weekend."

Imagine Katrina's surprise on Friday when she called to see if we'd be able to make it, (since we hadn't called them to RSVP) and I said, "We didn't know we were invited."  Ha!  Two engineers, who are extremely precise in all their work at home and on the job but never think to clarify and confirm a dinner invitation.  How wonderful that they still need us! 

The difference between dinner parties planned by men and planned by women doesn't end at the invitation and planning, though.  You can tell which sex is in charge, shopped and cooked by the menu, too.  Burgers, cheese and chips.  All very delicious, especially cooked up on the charcoal grill.  Only Katrina and I noticed the lack of veggies.

While we were standing around chatting, the men were setting the kids' table.  Samuel came in and asked how he could help.  Terry told him to set out the cups and Katrina handed him a stack.  Shortly later, Sam came from the dining room asking for one more cup.  Katrina said, he had enough because she gave him 7 and Elisabeth had brought her own cup.  He went back and returned, scratching his head in confusion and asking again for another cup.  Katrina explained that he only needed 7 cups because Ellie had her own sippy cup.  Now we all walked to the dining room together.  I glanced at the table and noted that there was one place without a cup.  Then Allen counted places and noted that there were ten plates for eight children.  Two engineers who excel in higher math but need a four year old to help them count plates.  How funny is that?  And don't think we didn't tease them about it, either.  Old friends, like the four of us, LIVE to pick on each other!

And there you have it.  The reason home school kids can not add:  They have engineers for fathers☺   



  1. LOL! My daddy is an engineer too... I don't know if we've ever done anything like that before, lol! Usually I'm the grand planner if my mom can't do it... I thrive on that stuff. STUFF! LOL - he says that at the ends of his sentence... lol.
    Well, sounds like you had a good time! :-) That's what counts, right?
    Blessings in Him,

  2. OMWord, that is too funny! Oh, the men planning an event is the same way here. As long as it includes hamburgers or pizza, chips, and sweet tea.......it's all good!

    Great post, Kat!


  3. Too great, have wonderful weekend! ~Amy

  4. Such a cute story about a couple of brilliant engineers. Men and women are just different. We are sticklers for details and they live on the basics. My hubby might come home and say, "So and so had a baby." Then I proceed to ask for all the great details of which he has none. What? You don't know the baby's name, birth weight, etc? "No. I just know they had their baby today." "Ah, come on, Honey. I need details." Smile

    Kat, it's good to be back here. I'm STILL settling in. You know how it is. In the midst of unpacking boxes life continues with birthdays, doctors appointments, meals, and I could go on because I know you appreciate the details. hehe


  5. Kat,

    This is truly a classic post and one that will be remembered and talked about for years to come. Loved it.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. haha.. it's a blast when the men folk 'plan' things.